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If you’re in other author groups or following social media, you might have seen a lot of people leaving KU in the last year or so. I don’t plan to take my books out of KU completely at this time (because I really understand how important it is to a lot of readers) but I do want to start experimenting with other ways for readers to access my books that don’t make me beholden to Amazon and their payment practices (and general shenanigans lol)

So Sage (best PA ever) and I brainstormed a lot last year, and after going back and forth over ideas and schedules, we decided to try doing early access on my website first.

Early Access eBook - Shaw Montgomery and MA Innes

This will start with the next release (the expanded edition of Daddy’s Little Sunshine – info coming soon on this one). I generally release my English titles on Fridays whenever possible so this book will be available on my website the Sunday before it releases on Amazon (where it will be in KU!).

So for an example…if the book releases on Amazon on March 15th (which is my goal) then on March 10th Daddy’s Little Sunshine will be up on my site for you to grab early. It will then come down before it goes live on Amazon. So it will be live on my site about four days and then it goes on Amazon in KU.

This will not change Patreon early access or affect the ARC team. They will still be the first to get the new releases.

A few questions I’ve gotten from my Facebook group:

Will you be using PayPal or other methods of payment?

Currently the website accepts payments through your Paypal account or you can pay with your credit card through Paypal without having an account. If readers would like more options, please let me know and we will look into them.

Will you offer eventually be able to allow preorders for early releases?

Yes, we will test out doing Pre-Orders for the Early Access books as well but not with the first one. We will always let readers know and provide links both in the newsletter or Facebook group.

What questions do you have for me about the new Early Access? How can I make this process smoother for you as a reader?

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