Too Close to Break Chapter 1


“I’m dead. Just leave me here to rot.” I’d thrown myself on the couch as soon as I’d walked in the door, and going any farther seemed like too much effort. It was only early afternoon, but I was ready for the day to be over.

Maybe the entire week.

I heard Jeremy come out of the bedroom, but looking at him would involve moving, so I wiggled a foot in his direction. I could hear the grin in his voice, and I felt his hands start removing my shoes. “I thought you said you wanted to go out and party tonight. Didn’t I hear something about celebrating your freshman year being over and wanting to do something crazy?”

“No. I have no idea what you’re talking about. Whoever was saying something insane like that clearly didn’t remember how exhausting finals are. Someone should stop him from saying stupid shit next time.” It wouldn’t have been that bad if they’d been spaced out, but somehow I’d managed to have five finals in two days. Plus the ones I’d already had the week before.

I didn’t remember fall exams being this bad.

I was starting to rethink summer classes. Maybe signing up for them hadn’t been such a good idea. It’d just made the most sense when I’d started planning out required courses and figuring out the best way to use my scholarship.

“Save him from himself or give him something else to occupy his mouth?” The tone of Jeremy’s voice sent a shiver down my spine.

“Both.” Definitely both.

His strong hands started massaging up my legs, ripping a moan from my chest. “Damn, that feels so…yes…right there.”

Jeremy’s hands slid up under my shorts, and his thumbs started massaging the bottom of my ass right where it met my thigh. Shit…that was…

“So if I said Bryan and Maddox were coming over later and buying pizza that would be better than going out?”

“I wouldn’t have to move? That sounds perfect.”

His low laugh made me want to curl into him. “We’re not sitting on you, so eventually you do have to move. You can take a nap now if you want to.”

“Why aren’t you as exhausted as I am?” He was annoyingly cheerful—and awake.

“Because I got more sleep than you did, and my exams were more spread out.”

“Stupid upperclassman privilege or something.” My face was mashed into the cushions, so the words came out garbled, but he got the gist of it.

“You took too many classes this semester.” There was an “I told you so” tone to his voice. “Are you going to listen next time?”

Yup, there it was.

“Probably not.” No point in making a promise we both knew I wouldn’t keep.

“It didn’t seem like that many when I was going to class.” It wasn’t like I had a job or anything. Getting through the waste-of-time classes sounded like a good plan. Especially when we didn’t need me to work.

“Then you can’t complain when you have more finals than I do.” His voice was teasing but his hands kept kneading at the stiff muscles in my legs, so I ignored the last part.

Technically, Jeremy might have been taking fewer classes, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t busy. Between helping me when I needed it, his classes, and his freelance clients, he was even busier than I was. But some of that was his own fault too. Most of the time, he took on more work than he should. I knew he wanted to be able to build our savings, but it was still hard.

His efforts were paying off, though. We had a “growing nest egg,” as he liked to call it, and he was starting to feel more confident about what our life would look like after he graduated next year. He’d even hinted about us taking a vacation after my classes were over for the summer. He wasn’t talking Europe or some fancy cruise, but a weekend at the beach was well within our budget.

“You love me, so you have to let me complain.” That was the rule.

He didn’t laugh, but it was close. “Is that how it works?”

“Of course, everyone knows that.”

“I’ll do my best to remember.” Then—because evidently he didn’t think the sarcasm was obvious enough—he pinched my ass.


His fingers started caressing the area he’d punished, and suddenly I couldn’t remember what I was complaining about. “Hmm…more of that…”

“Someone’s being bossy today.” There was the barest hint of a threat in his voice, and my cock started to stir, liking the way the afternoon was headed.

“But you feel so good.” When he got in the mood to dominate me, I could never be sure what he would do. Before we’d met Bryan and Maddox, it would have been something borderline vanilla, but after getting to know them, his desire to experiment had grown. Something about having other people around who were into the same things gave us more confidence.

Our sex life was boring compared to theirs, but it was getting more creative as time went on. Getting the gag for Christmas had opened the floodgates for Jeremy, and now we had a small collection of toys that were fun to play with. Talking with Dr. Sheppard about our relationship and how we related to each other seemed to have helped too.

Although that had been a weird conversation. “Hi, we’re in an incestuous relationship that’s gradually moved to include BDSM themes.” Yup…weird. Our therapist did his best to understand and didn’t make us feel judged. He honestly tried to help us talk through things and figure out ways to share what was on our minds.

I think speaking with Dr. Sheppard gave Jeremy more confidence and made him second-guess decisions and preferences less. I know for me, it made it easier to talk about what I wanted. And listening to Jeremy tell him about his feelings and how he saw me only made me love him more.

It was like eavesdropping on a private conversation where I got to hear him talk about his love for me and how much I meant to him.

His magic fingers slipped closer to my crack, and I thrust my cock against the couch, trying to get more friction. Jeremy chuckled quietly. “I thought you were tired.”

I arched up and tried to get him to move his fingers. They were so close but not close enough. I needed more. “Not now.”

Exhaustion was still beating me down, but he couldn’t get me worked up and then walk away. That was too mean, and Jeremy might love to tease and control me, but denying me like that wasn’t his thing…at least not yet.

I had to smile; Maddox was a bad influence.

“What’s so funny?” One finger brushed the edge of my hole, and I moaned. “If you’re laughing, I must be doing something wrong. Maybe I should just—”

His hand started moving back down my leg. “Don’t stop….You have to keep going. Jeremy, please.”

I could hear the laughter in his voice. “I think you’re too tired.”

That was debatable. “I’ll take a nap later.”

He started kneading my thighs the same way he’d done to my ass. It felt good but didn’t make my cock throb. My sigh of pleasure that time was more out of relief and relaxation than arousal. Every muscle in my body hurt.

“I’ll make you a deal.” His voice dropped lower, and I could hear him smiling even without turning my head.

“What?” There was going to be a catch. I just couldn’t think of one right off the bat.

But he was devious and I loved the way his mind worked.

“You close your eyes and lay down for five minutes. Then we’ll see if you have enough energy to have fun.” It wasn’t bad as far as bargains went.

“What do I win?” Five minutes, I could do that.

He snorted. “Our sex life is not a game show.”

“Bullshit. I’m going to win.” A yawn tried to fight its way out, but I held it in. Five minutes.

“If you win, you get to pick what we do.” His voice dropped low and sexy, but his hands kept massaging my legs, making it hard to think. The mixed signals were too much for my foggy brain.

“Just five minutes?” That’d been what he’d said, right?

He was quiet while he stripped off my socks and started rubbing my feet. God, I loved him. When he spoke, it was in that same low tone, but his voice seemed slower somehow. “Yes, five minutes, Baby.”

“Okay, deal.”

Jeremy started talking about work and something he’d done with a website. Maybe Maddox’s? The technical stuff went over my head, but since he kept up the incredible massage while he rambled on about internet shit, I didn’t think I could complain. Hey, I know you’re massaging me and all, but could we change the rambling monologue to something more interesting?

Yeah, that would go over great.

When his hands started working slowly back up my legs, the words changed to something about a project he was working on and screenshots and pixels. Tuning it out was easy, so I focused on the way his hands felt as they caressed my legs.

I tried to think of what I was going to pick as my prize, but my brain wouldn’t concentrate. Deciding I’d figure it out once the five minutes were over, I relaxed into the couch and let my mind go quiet.


I wasn’t sure what woke me up, but it didn’t take me long to realize I’d been asleep. My brain was still fuzzy, and it took a lot of effort to open my eyes. “Damn it, Jeremy, that was cheating.”

Looking down the line of my body, I realized what had woken me up. Jeremy. The wet heat of his mouth released my cock, and his head came up to grin wickedly, hovering over my open shorts where he’d obviously shoved them out of the way. “I never promised not to.”

His head lowered; his eyes were still flashing, but his smile stretched out as he wrapped his lips around my cock again. That was worth waking up for—and him cheating if that was going to be his reward for winning.

A ragged moan filled the room, and I fought to stay still. I wasn’t supposed to move when he went down on me. I didn’t fuck his mouth or set the pace…He was getting off by teasing my cock. Even with something like this, he was still in control.

It made the damn thing even hotter.

It was too early to start begging to come; that would only make him play with my cock longer. Holding back the pleas was almost impossible. I squirmed under him, and little begging noises started to escape. He must have been sucking me off for longer than I realized, because I was too desperate too soon.

Jeremy lifted almost all the way off my dick and started kissing and licking around the head. The concentrated pleasure was incredible and it was almost too much, but he knew that. The wicked look in his eyes let me know just how much he was enjoying watching me squirm.

When he wrapped his lips around me again, I thought he was done torturing me, but that was wishful thinking. Jeremy let just the head pop in his mouth, the beautiful suction bordering on too intense. I was his personal sucker, and he was going to take his time enjoying his candy.

Having his entire mouth focused on the most sensitive part of my dick sent lightning up my spine. It might have been too much, but the look on his face and being able to see how much he loved controlling me turned it all to pleasure.

It was overwhelming. The most incredible painful kind of pleasure where it was impossible to focus on the sensations.

I finally broke.

“Please, Jeremy…let me come…please, I need more…” I wasn’t sure what else I would have said or promised because his head came off my cock. And even though he wrapped his fingers around me, the loss of his mouth made me whimper. I hadn’t wanted him to stop.


“But I won.” The words had a wicked sound to them. I knew I was playing right into his hands, but I couldn’t help it. “I got to pick what I wanted.”

That wasn’t how I remembered the game from earlier, but I was smart enough not to say it. I wanted whatever he would give me, but right then, I just needed more. “I know, but I want to…it’s not enough…but Jeremy…please…”

His hand kept just enough pleasure running through me that it was hard to focus. I felt trapped in my clothes, and all I wanted was to be naked while he let me come. Wicked desire flashed over his face. My desperation and frantic words seemed to have been what he was waiting for.


I was going to love it, but he was going to make me crazy before I got there.

“If I stop what I’m doing and let you come, you’re going to owe me. I’ll sink my cock deep in your ass and fill you up until you explode just like you want, but that won’t count as my reward for winning. Do you understand that? I’ll fuck you, Baby. That’s what you want, isn’t it?” The words were deep and naughty, filling me with need. My cock jerked in his hand, and all I could focus on was the promise in his voice.

We’d both been so busy; it had been days since we’d made love, much less anything rough enough that he’d call it fucking. The wicked promise to fill me had me shaking, and all I wanted was to feel him inside me. “Yes…your reward…please…”

Stupid fried brain cells.

He was doing this on purpose. I was going to get him back when I could think.

Whimpering, I thrust up harder into his hand. I had to make him understand how desperate I was. I couldn’t wait for anymore teasing or tortured pleasure. The need was just too great. His hand started moving slowly up and down my cock. “Are you sure…you want me inside you that bad?”

Red flags were everywhere, but they only made it hotter. Not knowing what he was going to do but hearing the hints of it as he talked and seeing the glimpse of it in his eyes made the frantic need worse.

Whatever was going through his mind would be incredible. “Yes, please…anything…I need you….”

He either knew he’d won or took pity on me, because he stood and started to pull my shorts down my legs. I was twisted up in the fabric, nearly falling off the couch, and the helpless feeling added spice to the already off-the-charts hot encounter.

When my shorts were finally off, he moved closer to me and pulled me up. The rough jerk had my head swimming but made my cock even harder. I loved it when Jeremy got so turned on he’d start manhandling me and putting me wherever he wanted me.

And he knew it.

“You’re going to bend over the couch for me. I want that ass on display.” His hands slid around me and cupped my butt, squeezing and running his nails lightly over my skin. He knew me inside and out, and every touch and erotic demand showed that.

It made me squirm in his arms, and I humped my cock against his body. “Please…”

I still had my shirt on and that made it even better. Half-dressed while he bent me over the arm of the couch seemed sexier somehow. I was too far back from it to rub my cock against the firm fabric, so my cock jerked and bobbed in the air, ready and begging for his touch. Just imagining how he was going to use me for his pleasure had me nearly panting with need.

When we first started making love and then exploring other things in the bedroom, I hadn’t been completely comfortable with embracing the submissive part of me that wanted him to hold me down. Now I couldn’t imagine our life without it. There was a confidence in me that hadn’t been there before. Knowledge that he was showing me how much he loved me and that he would take care of me with every breath in him.

Bent over and completely open for him, I waited, tense and needy. His hands moved along my back, over my shirt, until he was caressing my ass. The teasing seemed to be gone as he let one finger dip down my crack.

“Look at how ready you are for me, Baby. I’m going to give you everything you need.” One hand moved away from my body, and I heard the dirty sound of lube as it came out of the bottle.

He’d known what I’d want from the very beginning.

I was going have to get him back.

After he fucked me.

Once I could think.

Little words and desperate sounds tumbled out as one finger circled around my hole. Just when I was beginning to lose my mind, he slid it in, fucking me slowly. Again, when I was ready to start going crazy, he added a second, then a third, always careful to avoid my prostate.

By the time he had the third stretching me and obsessively opening me, I might have been a tad worked up. He simply chuckled and kept up the slow pace as I threatened and cursed, still bent over the couch, needing him inside me.

When I began listing all the things I was going to do to him if he didn’t get his cock inside me, he started to pull his fingers out. A moment of panic rushed through me when I realized I might have gone too far, but then his cock slammed into me, chasing every thought away as he bottomed out.

He fucked me relentlessly like he was determined to leave me a rambling, sated mess by the time I got to come. With every thrust, his cock caressed my prostate, and whenever I thought I’d finally managed to get a handle on the desire rolling through me, he’d nail my sensitive bundle of nerves again, shooting fireworks through me and sending the pleasure completely out of control.

When he finally reached under me and grabbed my neglected cock, I almost didn’t understand what it meant. “Are you ready, Baby? This is what you wanted, isn’t it?”

His tight grip on my shaft sent waves of desire coursing through my body. When he thrust deep inside me, nailing that perfect spot again, fire flashed through me. I couldn’t hold back. I exploded, shouting and riding out the storm that was raging through my body as I draped over the couch, helpless.

He fucked me hard, pushing me higher and higher until I heard him yell, and I could feel him shoot his cum deep inside me. The pleasure finally wore itself out and left me limp, hanging over the furniture.

Jeremy pulled out slowly and I knew I’d have to function and get cleaned up soon, but before I could even find my feet, I felt something pressing against my ass. “What?”

I wasn’t functional enough to actually turn my head and see what he was doing, but he understood my question. It was pretty clear. Jeremy gave a low growl as he pushed what felt like a plug deep inside me. “You look incredible. This was what I wanted. You, filled with my cum.”


My dick twitched and, even though it was completely worn out, gave a valiant effort to get hard again. “Jeremy.”

I don’t know if I was more shocked or turned on by the idea; it was kind of a tie. “I can’t…”

Finding the words to explain it was impossible. He’d already fried my brain once, and I knew he was doing his best to keep desire flowing through me. His low laugh told me he understood exactly what he was doing to me.

“It’s my reward. I won. Remember?” His hands caressed my ass in long strokes, and I could feel him watching me—staring at my ass.

“But they’ll…” He jostled the plug, and the protest flew right out of my head.

“They won’t know.” His thumb tapped the plug, and it hit my prostate just right, sending fiery pleasure shooting up my spine. It was so perfect it almost hurt.

“How…how long…” Damn fried brain.

“I’ll let you know when I’m ready to take it out.” His hands kept rubbing soothing circles on my cheeks. “Maybe if you’re very good at being my naughty boy, I’ll take it out and fuck you again then leave you plugged with even more of my cum.”


My head hit the couch cushion as my knees went weak. Was I supposed to be good or bad in this game?

I couldn’t decide which would be better.

Either way, I knew I was going to get fucked again when the plug came out.

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With the end of the school year in sight, all Jeremy and Kevin should have to think about is summer plans and relaxation. But with strange phone calls at all hours, a pizza delivery stalker, and the police showing up at the door, summer might not be just fun and games.

Their relationship has never been stronger, but with so many obstacles coming at them, they’re going to have to prove they’re too close to break.

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