Nick and Kyle Chapter 1


“You are so fucked up.” Shaking my head at my reflection, I stared at myself. “What kind of freak gets turned on by his bully?”

Kind of a bully…maybe a bully?

I couldn’t tell.

Sure, Kyle teased me and called me names all through high school, but there was something about the way he called me “shortie” and “little guy” that made my stomach knot and my dick stir. It wasn’t as bad when his friends chimed in, but that delicious burst of humiliation made everything tingle when they teased me, too.

If my parents had ever found out about the teasing, they’d have had a fit. The couple of times a teacher had heard a few of the remarks, it had taken some quick thinking to keep it from being reported as bullying. There had been a problem at the school a few years before I’d gotten there, and they’d gone overboard to prevent anything similar from happening again.

Nobody understood—I didn’t want it to stop.

At best, they would have thought I was nuts and at worst, they would have known I was crazy. Hell, I thought I was crazy. Outside of kinky porn, no one actually wanted someone to talk to them like that. No one wanted a rough voice calling them names and telling them how small they were. How short…how weak…how shy…

And that wasn’t the worst of it.

“So fucked up.”

Turning away from the mirror, I ignored my growing erection and stepped into the shower. It was going to have to wait or I’d be late for work, which was something I was kind of proud of. Unlike the other stuff.

With a couple of months until college started, I was afraid I’d be stuck home all summer having nothing to do. However, the local grocery store decided to hire some extra stock people over the break, and I was lucky enough to get a job. It was mostly at night and it’d probably be boring, but it was work and a real paycheck so I wasn’t going to complain.

After the quickest shower ever, I threw on my new uniform and headed downstairs. My parents were sitting in the living room looking like a picture-perfect middle-class family. Where in the hell had I come from?

My mom looked up as I passed the door. “You’re heading in now?”

“Yes. It’s my first day.” I laughed a little. “I should probably say my first night.”

She frowned and looked at my father. “Are you sure it’s safe? He’s going to be out so late.”

My mother was one of the original helicopter parents; thankfully my dad tried to hold back some of her hovering. “He’ll be all right. He’s going off to college in the fall and he needs to get a taste of the real world.”

“It’s fine. The store won’t even be open most of the time. How much trouble can I get into?” I did my best to appear sincere and studious. I wanted this job.

She shook her head more and my dad waved me off, signaling me to escape. Taking the hint, I headed for the door, calling out a last good-bye. The store was only a few minutes from my house, so the drive didn’t take very long but by the time I got there, it felt like something had taken up boxing in my stomach.

“You can do this. It’s stocking shelves. The worst thing that might happen is you putting something in the wrong place.” It wasn’t much of a pep talk, but it was all I had.

I parked at the back of the store like I’d been told during my interview and went to the employee entrance and let myself in. I tried to look like I belonged and headed right to the manager’s office, knocking on the closed door.

“Come in!”

Hearing his firm, no-nonsense voice calling out, I opened the door and started to walk in. I didn’t get very far. He wasn’t alone.

Kyle was there.

“Um, you said to report here at the beginning of my first shift?” I was stunned, but I’d had enough practice hiding what was going through my head that I didn’t think it was too obvious. What was he doing there? The uniform he was wearing should have been a clue.

“Yes. Thank you for being on time.” He gave me a curt nod and gestured toward Kyle. “Kyle started last night, so he’s familiar with how it will work. I’m going to show you around and get you started, then Kyle will take the lead. The store’s only open a few more minutes. There are some last-minute shoppers, but soon you’ll be able to get to work.”

Mr. Wilson, the manager, had explained when he first interviewed me that the owner didn’t like employees crowding the aisles during normal business hours. So most stocking always started after the store closed. I didn’t mind the hours; I was a night owl and sleeping in was going to be great. So was the pay.

Walking us through the store, Mr. Wilson greeted the last remaining customers and showed us around. Kyle was quiet and professional. It was so unlike who he’d been at school that I almost didn’t recognize him. But the way he looked in the fitted black pants and tight polo shirt wasn’t something I would miss.

I’d recognize his incredible body anywhere.

I’d made a study of it the past two years; I could describe in vivid detail every muscle and bulge. Puberty didn’t just hit for him; he got smacked by the whole bus. Unlike me—I seemed to have been forgotten.

At six foot something, he was nearly a head taller than I was—his broad chest and wide shoulders only made him seem bigger. If he wrapped himself around me, I would probably get lost in all the muscles. I could see my headstone now: SMOTHERED BUT DIED HAPPY.

“And, Nick, if you can’t reach something on the top shelf, go grab one of the stepladders in the back, but never if there are customers around; it would be a liability.” He said it carefully like he was trying not to offend me.

“Oh, don’t worry, Mr. Wilson, I don’t mind stepping in if he can’t reach something. I helped him out in science when he couldn’t reach stuff on the top shelf of the lab closet all the time.” Kyle’s words sounded so sincere and well-meaning, even I wouldn’t have questioned them.

When we were crammed in that closet, unnecessarily close, with him leaning over me calling me “such a little guy” in his teasing, husky voice, he couldn’t have been described as helping. Torturing me? Maybe. Arousing me? Definitely. Helping me? Not so much.

Mr. Wilson looked over at me and I stupidly nodded. He smiled and seemed very pleased. “I’m glad I hired you both since you work so well together, then.”

He continued his tour and by the time the store closed, he’d gone over everything and was ready to leave us to it. “I’ll be here for a few more minutes doing some paperwork before I go. You’ll work by yourselves for a couple of hours before the cleaning crew comes in. I’m sure you won’t have a problem.”

I’d have a problem—but not the kind he was thinking of.

There was no way the uniform pants would hide any kind of erection. Even mine. The outline of Kyle’s thick cock was already visible, and he wasn’t even hard. I’d caught enough glimpses of him in school to have a pretty good guess at how big he was, but the pants he was wearing now left nothing to the imagination.

Who’d picked out the uniform anyway?

If I could manage to control my needs, I would have to thank them one day. But I didn’t think I’d be able to keep myself in line. The way he looked, all it was going to take was one comment, and I’d be toast. My dick had a mind of its own. A kinky, crazy one.

If I was lucky, he wouldn’t notice.

And before I could follow that naughty train of thought, it was time to work. I wasn’t sure if I was relieved or disappointed, but I’d worry about it later because I needed to show Mr. Wilson I could function unsupervised. I’d paid enough attention during our first meeting to realize how much of the store was monitored by cameras. It was obvious he would be keeping an eye on us to see if we would do a good job.

As we started stacking boxes in the cereal aisle, I realized we actually worked pretty well together. Kyle’s professional behavior continued, even after Mr. Wilson left us alone. And by the time Mr. Wilson said good-bye for the night, I was sure it would continue. My head was relieved. But my dick was disappointed. I just wanted something to be able to jerk off to when I got home, some little comment or look.

I got more than I bargained for.

When we were about halfway down the aisle, we reached a section that was on sale that week and the entire top row for a good four feet down was empty. Kyle gave me a heated look and pulled the cart with the boxes on it closer to us.

He opened one and set it on the floor. Giving me a look I couldn’t quite figure out, he pointed to the tiled ground. “Why don’t you kneel down, little guy, and hand me the boxes. I’ll stock the top shelf and then we won’t have to worry about the ladder.”


Suddenly it was hard to think. I knew the directions didn’t make sense, but I wasn’t going to question him. “Um…sure, Kyle.”

His gaze grew even more intense as I sank beside the box. Handing him the first package of cereal, I watched as he started filling the shelf. From where I was, he looked ten feet tall. I felt even smaller and weaker than usual and it went right to my head. My little head.

The big one had checked out completely.

Passing him the food, watching his muscles stretch under the tight uniform, I was surprised when the box was suddenly empty. Kyle glanced down at me, giving me another look I couldn’t quite figure out. “Scoot over a little and I’ll get you a new one.”

I started to stand, but he interrupted, shaking his head. “No, just crawl, it’s not far.”

His words were heated and even I knew crawling in front of him wasn’t the most professional behavior. Or the most normal. It wasn’t anything that would have looked wrong on video but in that moment, it felt…weird. But my dick liked it—a lot. I was never going to be able to stand up.

Crawling just that couple of feet was addicting. Knowing he was watching me while I followed his order. Knowing he was seeing me on the floor for him. Knowing he might guess how much I liked it…made it all even hotter.

God, I was so fucked up.

“Good job, little guy.” Kyle leaned over and put a new box down. “Here you go. Give me another so I can fill the shelf.”

His words weren’t necessarily naughty or mean, but they felt filthy and made my insides do flips. He was a real man doing the job. All I could do was kneel at his feet and follow his instructions. Not what he’d technically said—but it was what my stupid dick heard. I was going to jerk off to it for months. Even if everything else was boring and normal the rest of the time I worked there, that one moment would play in my fantasies forever.

“Here you go, Kyle.” I handed him another package and tried to sound normal like it was just an everyday part of the job.

“Since I have higher seniority here, I think something more respectful would be better. Don’t you agree?” Kyle’s voice was low and husky. It rattled dirty things loose deep inside me.

One day was seniority? We’d moved from kind of odd to completely absurd. Not that I was going to complain. I knew what he wanted even if I didn’t understand why. “Yes, Sir. I’m sorry.”

Why now?

Why wasn’t he giving me hell for it?

How long had he known?

How far would he take it?

My only coherent thought after that was a plea that he would take it too far. Please let him take it too far.

“You’re such a good little guy.” Then to make it even worse…or better, I couldn’t tell…he reached down and ruffled my hair. It was humiliating and wrong and I’d never been more turned on. And judging by the monster snaking down one pant leg, neither had Kyle.

“Thank you, Sir.” Yeah, some people would think I was crazy, that I didn’t have any self-respect, but all I could do was feel. I was running on instinct. And everything in me was screaming to let him go with it to see where he would lead us.

He smiled down at me, pleased, but there was also something darker. “Hand me another one.”

We kept going like that until the shelf was filled again, and I had no choice but to get off the floor. Finishing the rest of the row wasn’t nearly as hot, but the little looks and comments Kyle made kept me on edge. It was like that for hours.

He made me kneel when he could get away with it but when it wasn’t possible, he’d lean close and stretch over me or he’d tell me things like I was such a hardworking “little guy.” By the time the cleaning crew got there, and it was time for us to go, I was proud of how much we’d accomplished—but I was also so turned on I couldn’t think.

Following Kyle to the back of the store was instinctive. I knew our shift was over, but the idea of walking away was painful. What if it was only for the night? What if the next day he changed his mind? What if he decided I was weird and kinky and more trouble than I was worth?

When we turned down the long hallway leading to the back door, Kyle stopped and pushed me up against the wall. Pressing his body tightly to mine, I couldn’t help but think of how big he was and how much smaller I looked. Embarrassing sounds desperately wanted to escape and I bit my lip.

“Did you know my dad did the security system for all of these stores? He went to school with the owner. I know where every camera is, and this hallway is a dead zone. From that corner on until you open the back door, no one can see anything I do to you.” His eyes were flashing and his pupils were so big they seemed to take up most of his eyes. His low, heated words should have frightened me, but they seemed more like a promise than a threat.

A promise of the naughty things to come.

Had there been a question? I tried to think back, but it was useless. Every cell in my body was focused on the incredible feeling of being trapped and helpless. I would shoot off in my pants if I couldn’t get my brain to function.

Kyle must have understood my mind wasn’t working because his smile grew wicked and he pinned me even tighter. It was almost too much. I would have bruises in odd places the next day, but I wouldn’t have said no to anything he wanted.

“You’re my good little guy, aren’t you? I saw how you watched me when you were kneeling on the floor. Just like I noticed how turned on you got in science. Every time I’d tease you or call you a name made you so damned hot you couldn’t think.” He almost sneered the words at me, but the thick erection pressed against me let me know he wasn’t angry.

“I’ll admit, it took me a while to figure it out. I couldn’t understand that look on your face or the little shiver that would race through you sometimes. But there is just so much education out there on the internet these days; I finally figured it out. You like being humiliated, don’t you? When I tease you or lean over you to show you how much bigger I am, it fires you up. It’s made me wonder what else you’d like. There are endless ideas online, you know.” The arousal was still there, but the anger was fading.

“You were the only one I teased like that. Did you ever notice? The teachers couldn’t figure it out. They would all say how nice I was to everyone else. They didn’t understand why I was bullying you. The only reason they backed off is that you told them we were just playing around. That’s when I knew something was up. You should have reported me. You should have wanted me to stop. They would have taken your side in a heartbeat. But you didn’t.”

“I couldn’t.” The words were breathless, and I sounded odd but I couldn’t help it.

“Because you wanted it. You liked it.” His smirk was back and the way he rubbed his cock against my body had me shaking with desperation.

“Yes. I didn’t want you to stop.” There wasn’t any reason to lie. He already knew, and telling him made the delicious humiliation even better.

“Did you jerk off thinking of me? Did you play with your cock while you imagined me teasing you? Were you that naughty? That dirty?” Arousal dripped from his voice. I could feel the precum streaming out into my briefs.

“Yes. I’m sorry, Sir.” I’d been that dirty, countless times.

“Tell me about it, little slut. What did you do?”

He was going to make me orgasm right there in the hallway.

Want to read the rest?

Nick knew what he wanted, he just thought it was crazy and a little messed up—Okay, a lot messed up.

Everyone knew bullying was wrong. Some deep part of Nick just hadn’t gotten the message. Each time Kyle approached him in school and called him a name or made him feel short and weak it should have made Nick feel terrible. It didn’t. It made his knees shake and sent shameful butterflies racing around in his stomach.

Kyle knew what he wanted—Nick. No second-guessing. No hesitating.

Everyone knew bullying was wrong, but Nick was the only person in school Kyle ever wanted to torment. Something about the way the sexy guy reacted made Kyle desperate. Desperate to touch him…to torment him…to take him…

Author's Note:

This is a sweeter version of humiliation play. It is completely consensual and both main characters are enthusiastic about their desires. The heat level is higher than some of my other books, but it is very much a romance at heart. Each book in the series will be a standalone story.

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