My Perfect Fit Chapter 1


“I honestly have no idea what to say. Your mind wasn’t focused on what it was supposed to be, that’s obvious. What were you thinking?” He could have gotten hurt. Not just killed the lawn mower, but himself as well.

Bryan looked down at the kitchen floor and mumbled something about being distracted and very sorry. He certainly looked remorseful, but there were other emotions mixed in.

“Do you even know what you ran over?” It had been like shrapnel going everywhere. Someone could have gotten seriously hurt.

He shrugged. “A lawn gnome, I think?” That seemed to be his best guess and it made sense. But how in the hell did he miss a lawn gnome? Maybe his mother was right, and he shouldn’t be given anything that might be in the realm of heavy machinery. That should probably include any kind of machinery really, considering he wasn’t allowed to use the toaster.

“You’ve mowed the lawn before, right?” Was this one of those things that he wasn’t allowed to do—like use the toaster?

“Yes!” He was getting frustrated, but there was something he wasn’t telling me. The way he wouldn’t meet my eyes and was fidgeting screamed out that he was feeling nervous.

And not regular nervous because he should have been pissed.

This was like naked-in-the-bedroom kind of nervous.

I took a deep breath and leaned back against the counter, trying to let the turmoil of emotions fade. We couldn’t finish mowing the yard anyway, so it wasn’t like we were slacking. If he’d have just been my boyfriend I would have left it alone. Sure, I would have teased him endlessly but not questioned it.

But he wasn’t only my boyfriend.

That changed the rules.

I was still trying to learn all the Daddy rules that governed this kind of relationship—a week wasn’t enough time to become proficient at anything—but everything I’d read basically said that as long as I was paying attention to my submissive, I’d know when something was off. Well, something was off.

The question was…how did I figure out what?

“Are you okay? I know you said you were fine, but are you sure you didn’t get hit anywhere? That shit was flying everywhere like shrapnel.” I couldn’t see anything, but I needed to make sure.

“No, I’m fine.” He looked down at his body like he was double-checking. “I was lucky.”

“Tell me what happened.” No please…no would you…he was going to tell me what happened.

He mumbled something about being a mortified idiot, which confirmed my suspicions. “B.” I tried for a no-nonsense voice, putting some Daddy into it.

I didn’t have to wait very long. He sat down at the table then hid his face in his arms and a blush started climbing up his neck. “I was thinking about things.”

That was a start but not much of one. I’d already guessed he’d been distracted. Maybe I needed to ask better questions? I waited in silence knowing he’d manage to tell me at some point. He took a few more deep breaths before continuing. “I was thinking about everything we’ve been doing and then about what I was hoping would happen later…then bam! The damned gnome went everywhere.”

Now he picked his head up and looked at me indignantly. “When did she get lawn statues?”

I hated to be the one to point it out but—“I think it was the neighbors’. You were right on the edge of the property.”

“Shit!” His head banged down again. This time not hiding, just looking like he was trying to knock some sense into himself.

“What kinds of things were you thinking about, exactly?” There had to be more to this story.

Bryan groaned and folded his arms over his head. “Really?”

“Yes, really. What were you thinking about that caused all this?” What had made him so distracted? He was too embarrassed; it had to be good.

It took him a few minutes but eventually, he realized I wasn’t going to budge. “Well, I was…I was kind of…do you remember the lake the other day?”

This was getting us nowhere but I humored him. “Yes.”

“And you remember the lake…and like what happened in the lake?” His voice was muffled and it was clear he’d rather be doing anything other than having this discussion.

Vague. However, I was starting to think that this story might have a point. “Yes.”

Now his voice dropped down to a whisper. “Do you remember how I was…naughty?”

Oh. Now I got it. “Yes. You came without permission. That was very naughty and you had to be punished.”

He squeaked out a single word. “Yes.”

“Were you distracted because you were thinking about your spanking?” It had taken me a while but eventually, I’d remembered that I owed him a spanking for coming without permission. He’d had to apologize for being bad and disobeying the rules. Then I’d lain him over my lap and “punished” him.

He’d wiggled and made the sexiest little noises; he’d tried to be so good. After a while, with his bottom pink and cock hard and needy, he’d begged to be able to come. Once he had permission, it only took one more swat and he’d shot off like a rocket. He was so incredibly sexy like that.

And I was getting distracted because that wasn’t the point.

I was floundering. What was I supposed to do now? He’d been daydreaming about us fucking so much, he’d destroyed the neighbors’ ugly little troll thing. If it was the one I noticed earlier, it should have been put out of its misery a long time ago, but that was just a terrible way to go.

I gave my head a shake to clear the stupid thoughts. Okay, now what?

Was this something I was even supposed to handle? I had a feeling it probably was. It was sex related, basically, so it seemed like it fell into my court now. It’s what he’d said he wanted, and we both knew the lifestyle wasn’t just about the fun sex. That was a bonus. We’d been looking at actual information together, and everything we’d read talked about the pleasure and the punishments for Littles.

Well, I’d been reading and he’d been hiding as I read to him.

Some nonfiction and some fun fiction. I worked to suppress a grin. He’d finally broken down and shown me the app on his phone that had all his dirty books. I’d read a few on my own, but some were entertaining to read out loud to him because they made him blush so cutely. He got so damned turned on.

There were also some websites that we were looking at together. There were forums where other couples talked about the lifestyle and you could ask questions. They even had some really interesting articles. I was starting to feel like I was getting a handle on it.

This was the first time we’d come across a situation where he needed me to discipline him. And not the fun kind.

When he broke the toaster, his mom wouldn’t let him use it anymore.

That thought made me pause. Would something like that work? Like actually work? I mean, I couldn’t take his toaster away but it would help him learn a lesson—to focus on what he was doing so he didn’t kill himself—and it would help remind him that I was in charge.

He seemed to like the little actions and words that reminded him of my dominance…or maybe his submissiveness; I wasn’t sure which it was. All I knew was that he liked those little prompts that brought it back to his attention.

A casual mention that I enjoyed hanging out with him the night before would have him blushing as he remembered the dirty story I was reading to him. A wink and a simple comment that I had something to show him later had him wiggling in anticipation—I might have used that line several times to show him interesting things I’d found online. So now every time I said it, he thought of naughty toys and articles on spanking.

He liked knowing I was his Daddy and that I was there for him. This seemed like the same kind of thing. Only this time, I was making sure I was taking his health and safety seriously. And it would probably be a good refresher for the rule that his pleasure belonged to me.

All he would have had to do was to let me know he wanted to take a break and I’d have gotten the hint. Hell, I’d been horny for hours even though we’d jerked off together this morning. Well, I’d jerked us both off while he had to lie still and behave. Just the memory had me hot, so I could see why he’d been distracted—but fantasies and heavy machinery didn’t mix.
The problem I had was, how did I bring this up?

“Do you realize that your behavior was not only inappropriate but dangerous?”

He stilled and tilted his head a little so he could see me better, but he was still hunched over with his head down. I could see the thoughts were starting to run through his mind, and it was clear that he wasn’t sure what to say. After a few seconds, though, I got a nod.

“You weren’t paying attention and could have hurt yourself.” I was harping on this; I knew I was, but I couldn’t help it. This could have been a lot worse. Like emergency rooms and no eyesight kind of bad.

Again, all I got was a nod but he’d pulled his arms away a little more and was starting to relax. Now the more difficult part. “You can handle the apology. We can even find another little statue if we need to, but there have to be consequences for your actions.”

I had his full attention now. He’d stilled again but it wasn’t in surprise; it was more like anticipation. His mind had to be going in a thousand directions. And probably not one of them was the one I was thinking. Something like a spanking would be obvious but I wanted that to be fun, not a scene he dreaded. That would suck. I liked seeing his ass turn pink and watching him squirm while he came like a porn star.

It was hot.

This was going to be erotic but not in a way he’d want. He’d remember it, though.…I was confident of that. I tried to figure out how to say it without sounding stupid. This required full grown-up Dommy attitude. Okay, ready. “Because thinking about getting off was what caused this problem to begin with, that is the privilege you are going to lose.”

“Huh?” His head popped up off the table and he stared at me. His eyes were wide and he was starting to get fidgety. It was clear he was conflicted…and possibly turned on.

“Is that how you speak to your Daddy?”

“Um, sorry. I—I don’t understand, Daddy.” He looked slightly guilty but mostly curious. “I…um…I will lose the privilege of…” He said it carefully like he wasn’t sure he’d heard me the first time. Maybe he was hoping he hadn’t heard it right.

He wasn’t able to finish the sentence. He just looked at me like he hoped I got it. That was okay, I’d help him out with that. “As your Dom and Daddy, it’s my responsibility to make sure you’re taking care of yourself. Are we in agreement on that?”

He nodded absently, and I got a nervous, “Yes, Daddy.” However, he seemed to be taking it all in.

“You were not taking care of yourself today.” I paused to let that sink in before I continued. “I need to remind you how important that is.”

He opened and closed his mouth several times but nothing came out.…Stunned speechless? I could see his cock tenting his shorts—it was probably more like too turned on to function. Either denial did it for him or he wasn’t quite catching on to his punishment. Time to clarify things.

How long, though? A week? A couple of days?

“You are not going to be allowed to come…” it was Tuesday now…“until Saturday. If I catch you deliberately disobeying, I will add days. Is that clear?”

Too much Daddy voice. He was squirming in his seat now and the flush that had faded was coming back in spades. He was so sexy like that. He blinked at me then nodded reluctantly. “Saturday. Saturday?”

It wasn’t a full sentence but it let me know he was tracking the conversation. “Yup. Saturday. But if you’re bad, then it will be longer.”

I wanted to promise him some kind of reward for doing a good job, but that would defeat the purpose of a punishment. At least, I thought it would. I was winging it here. My parents hadn’t been the most involved people; I couldn’t remember being punished much.

He stumbled through the start of a question several times before he was eventually able to spit it out. “Does that mean you’re not going to…to touch me and stuff?”

My first thought was that I wasn’t punishing myself. I tried to think of how to say it. “I plan on cuddling you and keeping up the same routines we’ve got going. I like touching you, B. I like kissing you and making you squirm with need. The biggest thing is that you’re not going to come. But I won’t deliberately make things too hard.”

He clearly wasn’t sure what to make of that statement.

“So I…I mean…you’re going to…like at night…but not the rest?” His brain was completely blown because that really wasn’t enough words. He was lucky I was learning to translate pretty well. I’d had lots of practice lately blowing his mind. Usually, it was with naked stuff, though.

“Yes. I’m going to get you ready at night, and we’re going to have movie time together. I’m still going to read to you at nap time.” Nap time was what I was calling it when we’d cuddle up and I’d read something from one of his stories. I mostly called it that because the first time I’d done it, his cock obviously loved it even though he was crazy embarrassed. “We’re still going to do everything we’ve been doing. I love you and I’m going to keep showing you that.”

I walked over and crouched down beside the table. Grabbing his hands, I watched him take a deep breath. “Good boy.” I leaned close and gave him a kiss. “I love you and I’m doing this to show you how much I love you. I want you safe, and I want you to remember this next time you do something dangerous, B.”

“But Mad…Daddy…” He took another deep breath and then it came tumbling out. “It’s okay if that’s sexy, right?”

My laugh came out a little bit wicked and Bryan gave a short moan. “I hope so ’cause I think it’s hot as hell, personally. You’re still going to remember it the next time you start daydreaming about dirty stuff when you should be paying attention. Dork.”

Bryan frowned. “You know what the worst part is?”

“What?” Not getting to come?

“My mother’s going to kill me.”

I laughed so hard I tipped over and landed on the floor with a thud. He was right. His mom was going to shit a brick. He’d never be allowed near anything bigger than a can opener again. Hell, that might be more than she’d be willing to give him.

Shaking his head, he tried to look angry but the laughter in his eyes gave him away. “You’re such an ass. It’s not that funny. You should have seen her with the toaster! This is just as bad! Probably worse!”

“I’m so glad this isn’t my fault.” Still laughing so hard that I couldn’t get up, I had to take a couple of deep breaths before I could say anything.

Bryan frowned at me again. “I’m going to tell her you should have been watching me better.” He started to perk up, nodding. “This is your fault.”

Oh no, I wasn’t going to face that wrath. “Your mom said she’d appreciate it if we cleaned up the yard since we didn’t have anything else planned today. She didn’t mention any special Bryan-can’t-function rules. So there’s no way she would blame me. Besides, I was weeding around those flowers on the side of the house.”

He sagged back in his chair and gave me a pitiful look. It was really well done. Like Oscar-worthy performance. “You’re supposed to help me and take care of me, not feed me to the wolves.”

Like I’d fall for that. “Suck it up buttercup; this is all on you.” I started getting up off the floor, so I leaned over and gave him a quick kiss. “I’ll give you moral support though, and we won’t even tell her the truth about what you were thinking to get so distracted.”

His face went white—like total-shock-I’d-seen-a-ghost white. “I’d…I’d…oh, God.”

“Yup, she’s going to want to know what happened.”

“I’d die.” He started shaking his head. “I can’t tell her that.”

I couldn’t stop laughing. I was no help at all. “We’ll figure out something else to tell her. But first, we have to get all those pieces picked up out of the yard.”

“And see if we can figure out why the mower stopped,” he added sadly.

“Yup.” I couldn’t stand the dejected look. “And if you’re good, we’ll do something fun afterward.”

That perked him up a little but he tilted his head, looking at me suspiciously. “But no…no coming?” He managed to actually say it without too much trouble.

“Yup. We’re still going to do things. Just not that part.…At least for you.” The wicked grin might have been trying to escape again but I was attempting to look serious. I don’t think I was managing to hide how sexy it was.

“All right, let’s get it over with.” He stood up and shuffled to the back door, clearly in no hurry. He took a deep breath and sighed as he went out to the yard. “She’s going to kill me and I don’t even get one last orgasm before I die.”

“Sucks to be you.”

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Maddox thought the hardest part of his relationship with Bryan would be just getting it started. He was wrong.

Learning how to be the Dom and Daddy that Bryan needs is harder than he ever imagined. Each new step in their relationship is a learning experience he’s not sure he’s ready to handle. He wants to make the right decisions, but he’s afraid he doesn’t know how.

Bryan thought the hardest part of his relationship with Maddox would just be admitting that he wanted one. He was wrong.

Opening up to Maddox has been hard enough, but when it becomes clear Maddox wants to find friends that understand the lifestyle, Bryan isn’t sure he can handle it. When he can barely share what he needs with Maddox, how is he supposed to talk about it with someone else?