Master Toby Chapter 1


What do you get the man who has everything for Valentine’s Day? Chocolate? No, he was allergic . Card? He thought fake romance was disturbing, and there was no way I was crafty enough to make one. Dinner out at a nice restaurant? He ended up with food poisoning last time, so he wanted to pick the restaurant this year.

Go with an experience, my mother said. Just go out and do something together, his brother said. That wasn’t as easy as they thought it would be. We both had busy jobs and couldn’t take time off from work in February. I was scared of heights, so that left out those ropes courses and things. We both thought something like a spa would be painfully boring.

So I started thinking outside the box.

He really shouldn’t have left the planning up to me. He should have learned that after the vacation disaster two years ago. He’d said fun and carefree…evidently that hadn’t meant an indoor waterpark resort filled with families.

I’d thought it sounded like fun.

Tobias didn’t. He was a bit too serious sometimes. That was one of the things I liked about him, though. He wasn’t boring, but he was thoughtful and focused, and I never had to worry about him doing something stupid like spending all our rent money on lottery tickets and Girl Scout cookies because he’d gone grocery shopping while high.

But that seriousness made holiday shopping for him more…interesting.

Not that he would have gotten upset, no matter what I bought him. He was really one of those guys where the thought counted more than the gift. He appreciated it when I thought of him regardless of how it turned out or what the reason was. If I brought pizza home instead of the Chinese food we’d planned on because I thought he’d enjoy it more, he never got frustrated.

Well, except that one time I’d been given the wrong pizza and ended up with anchovies and mushrooms instead of sausage and peppers. That hadn’t been my fault—and I hadn’t blamed him when he’d gotten frustrated because I’d gone out to grab lo mein and had come home with anchovies instead.

Depending on what he thought of my surprise, I wasn’t sure if Valentine’s Day would go any better than the anchovies had.

“What are you doing?” Tobias’s voice had me jumping almost a foot off the bed and squealing like a teenage girl in a horror movie.

I slammed the computer closed and slumped back on the bed. “Jesus, make more noise.” I glanced over at the clock on the desk and saw it was well after six. When had it gotten so late?
Tobias laughed and shook his head as he leaned against the doorframe. “What kind of porn are you watching that you have to hide it from me?”

I felt heat creeping up my face, but I shook my head. “I wasn’t.”

His grin widened and one eyebrow went up as he stared down at my lap. “That says otherwise.”


I resisted the urge to hide the erection I hadn’t even been conscious of. I’d been a bit focused on…Valentine’s Day. “Well, it wasn’t exactly porn—just something for your surprise.”

His eyes widened. “Well, now I’m intrigued.”

I scrubbed my hands over my face and ignored the blush I knew was still there. “Don’t ask me.”

His laughter got louder, and I groaned as the bed bounced. Tobias could be intensely single-minded when it came to things he was curious about. As he crawled up my body and stretched out over me, he made it very clear just how curious he was.


“What were you looking up?” His hands spread out over my chest and his fingers tweaked my nipples. “You’re clearly very into it.”

His legs straddled my hips, and he started rocking his ass over my erection. “Don’t you want to tell me? I bet you’re just dying to tell me what you got me for Valentine’s Day.”

I was.

But I wasn’t.

I shook my head, biting back the moan that was threatening to escape. Tobias seemed to take that as a challenge. He leaned down and bit the side of my neck, forcing the moan out of me. Moving up my neck, his tongue flicked out and teased my ear. “You were staring at the screen so intently you weren’t even blinking, and your hand kept rubbing your cock. I thought you’d come any second without even realizing it. I can’t wait to hear what got you so turned on.”

I let out a breathy moan as his teeth nibbled on my earlobe. “I…can’t. I have to…it’s a…surprise.”

A surprise.

That’s what we’d decided.

The way his ass kept grinding on my cock, I was starting to think he’d changed his mind. “You…like…surprises.”

“Sometimes.” His fingers stroked over my chest and he made a pleased sound as he started teasing my nipples again. “But you’re so turned on.”

I might’ve been turned on, but I had no idea how I’d explain his present yet.

Shaking my head again, I thrust up against his ass and wrapped my arms around him. “Can’t tell.”

I knew before I could talk to Tobias about it, I had to figure it out in my own head first. I wasn’t there yet. I was close, but that wasn’t enough.

Tobias must have realized I’d made up my mind because he huffed out and sat up, resting on my dick but letting me think. I took a deep breath and opened my eyes. He was giving me an odd look. “It’s making you nervous.”

It wasn’t a question, but I nodded. “Yeah, but…”

He smiled. “But you like it.”

Nodding, I leaned in and kissed his lips. “Don’t ruin the surprise.”

Tobias gave me a questioning look but gave in. “Okay.”

His smile came back, and he gave me a quick kiss. “That doesn’t mean I’m not curious.”

I laughed. “I know better than to assume that.”

“If you know me so well, then you probably realize I’m going to need a distraction if you want me to keep from bugging you.” Tobias rocked his hips and stroked his ass over my erection. “A big distraction.”

Tobias loved bottoming almost as much as he loved surprises. He just didn’t have the patience to wait for either of those. He wanted his orgasm and his surprise right away.

I loved giving him what he wanted, and sometimes that meant telling him no. Sometimes, however, that meant telling him yes in the best possible ways.

“A big distraction?” I groaned as his eyes got that wicked expression that always meant one thing.

The cuffs.

“A very big one.” His hands reached out and he raked his fingers over my chest, running his nails over my nipples because he knew they were connected right to my dick.

Circling the sensitive nubs, Tobias took his time writhing on my dick and teasing my nipples. When I finally started to buck under him and thrust up against his ass, he grinned. Leaning over, he kissed me gently, but I knew that expression too well to relax. “I love it when you need to distract me, baby.”

I groaned as he slowly climbed off me and went over to the dresser. He deliberately drew out the excitement as he slowly opened the top drawer and started sorting through the assortment of toys we’d collected over the years.

He always denied we were kinky, but the number of plugs and restraints and odd toys said otherwise. But I’d let him claim whatever he wanted if it made him happy. He worked too many long hours and had too much stress going on for me to argue about something ridiculous.

Tobias did data analysis for one of the government alphabet soup agencies. It sounded boring, but what it really boiled down to was that he was one of the people who kept track of insane government spending and waste. At the moment, he was tracking down missing money that one of the other agencies was denying they’d lost.

Of course, I wasn’t supposed to know this, but I’d only guessed because he’d started turning the channel anytime that particular news story came on. So we both pretended I didn’t notice that or how insane his stress level had gotten lately.

Which was where Valentine’s Day would come in—as long as he wasn’t shocked.

He was going to be shocked.

I shivered as he lifted the cuffs out of the drawer. They were soft ones that wrapped around my wrists with Velcro so they were easy to get out of if I needed to, but he liked them because no matter how long he left them on my wrists, I wouldn’t get hurt like I had when I’d pulled on the metal ones.

Yeah, we weren’t kinky.

I’d heard it from him enough that I didn’t even roll my eyes anymore when he said it. So of course, I had to say it again just to make him nuts. He was fun to make nuts as long as he wasn’t too stressed, but lately, we’d crossed into too stressed entirely too often.

“You’re going to look so pretty stretched out for me, baby.” The soft strength in his voice made me shiver.

Tobias had a tendency to look like a mild-mannered accountant until he let this side of himself out. I had a feeling there were other layers he kept locked away, but I’d never really felt like I needed to unwrap them before now. He’d also never been this focused on work and everything that could go wrong.

“I like the cuffs.” I’d like more than the cuffs if that was what he was picturing, but it looked like at that moment he just wanted me restrained and helpless. The images of what he could do flashed through my mind and had my already hard cock jerking in my pants.

He slowly made his way across the room with calm, unhurried steps, but that just made the anticipation build even higher. He liked watching me squirm, so I didn’t even try to hide the nervous excitement that was growing inside of me.

What he didn’t like was my touching my dick once he got in this mood. So, of course, I did. Reaching down slowly, I shifted my cock to a more comfortable position and gave it a squeeze. It was just enough to have Tobias shaking his head like I’d been naughty.

I loved it when he went into sexy school teacher mode.

Not that I called it that where he could hear me. I had a feeling he hadn’t found teachers as sexy as I had growing up. There was just something about a smart, commanding man that had always turned me on. I’d been the only jock to get perfect grades in my history class my junior year of high school because our teacher had been this sexy older guy.

Mr. Adams had barked orders and ruled the class with an iron fist, but when I’d earned one of his few smiles or reluctant bits of praise, he’d made me so hot I’d almost come right there in class. I’d hung on every word, and that bit of insanity had led to incredible grades in his class and a minor in history when I’d gotten to college.

“Hands above your head, Noah.” Hearing my name from him like that sent another shiver through me. Tobias always called me baby or darling when he was being sweet and sexy, but once his mind shifted to more commanding things, I was always Noah.

Sometimes all it took to get me hard was hearing him say my name in that sexy tone.

Complying instantly, I stretched up and let my hands rest on the bars of the headboard as he brought the cuffs to my wrists. I wasn’t supposed to grip them yet, just lightly touch them while he got me ready, slowly teasing me as the restraints were wrapped around me. Tobias had taken his love of rules and structure from the office to the bedroom with surprising efficiency, but that hadn’t bothered me.

I wasn’t the one who refused to admit we were kinky.

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Noah loves his husband, Tobias, but he isn’t afraid to admit that Valentine’s Day isn’t his favorite holiday. Showing Tobias how much he loves him isn’t the issue, but Noah isn’t sure Tobias is going to see how perfect his surprise is. But everyone thinks puppies are cute, right?

Tobias has always known when his gentle giant of a husband is hiding something. The Valentine’s Day surprise is no different, except that it seems to be making Noah a nervous wreck. But since their holidays have always been low-key, he’s not sure what there is to worry about…unless his sexy husband is hiding something a lot more interesting than a bouquet of roses.

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be about flowers and cards, not puppy play and sexy secrets, but sometimes perfection involves looking a little outside the box.

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