Master by Fate Chapter 1


“Date. Date. Date. Pancakes. Date. Sex.” Bouncing around the kitchen, I tried to remember everything I was supposed to do. It was my turn to clean the kitchen, and I wanted to get it all done before I went to work.

But I knew I’d forgotten something.

“Cooper!” Sawyer’s frustration made me smile, and I looked over toward the fridge where he was standing, trying to dig his lunch out of the back of it. That was what I was supposed to have been doing…clearing out the old stuff.

Giving him a sweet smile, I cocked my head innocently. “Yes?”

He snorted and crouched to grab the plastic container of leftovers. “You’re driving me crazy.”

“Because you want pancakes too?” It was date night with Jackson, and I couldn’t wait.

“No, because you’ve been talking to yourself all morning about the date.” He rolled his eyes as he stood.

He was no fun today.

“I’m excited.”

“No, you were excited when you were just talking about your date…but singing about it crosses the line.” Sawyer closed the refrigerator and started checking to make sure he’d remembered everything.

“I wasn’t singing.” I’d just been cheerful.

He was grumpy because he didn’t want to go to the dinner meeting. Trying to look calmer so I didn’t push him any closer to the edge, I walked over to Sawyer and threw my arms around him. “It’s going to be fine. They wouldn’t have invited you along if they didn’t think you’d do a good job.”

In the past, Sawyer hadn’t gotten involved in the new landscaping projects until the contracts had been signed and all the details laid out. He wasn’t sure if it was because his boss’s daughter was working with Jackson or because he’d been doing a good job, but they’d been giving him more responsibilities lately, and it made him uncomfortable.

It was probably just his worries about work and the stress of moving in with Jackson, but lately Sawyer looked like he needed a vacation. It wasn’t that living with Jackson was difficult. Really, it’d been an easier transition than when Sawyer and I had moved into our first apartment, but I knew the change and the constant what-ifs running through his head had his tension running high.

Sawyer smiled when I grinned and waggled my eyebrows. “I’m sure Master and I can think up some interesting ways to help you relax this weekend.”

What he didn’t know was that we’d already had it planned out. Sawyer was going to have a perfect weekend. He leaned in and gave me a kiss. “I’m sure you can, Coop. Okay, I have to go, but I’ll try to text you at least before your shift. Have fun on your date if I don’t get to talk to you later.”

“Love you, and of course I’ll have fun. It’s sex and pancakes. It’s going to be fabulous.” That should have gone without saying. “You stop worrying. It’s dinner with dull people who are going to talk about plants and numbers. You’ll probably die of boredom before you even have to order. Oh wait, you like math and plants…You’ll have fun then. Not as much fun as sex and pancakes, but then, that’s hard to beat.”

Sawyer laughed and gave me a tender kiss. “You’re right. That’s difficult to top.”

Grinning, I nodded excitedly. “I told you so.”

My date was going to be great. Jackson had even said he had a surprise for me. I was hoping it was a naughty one. Jackson gave the best naughty surprises. Still smiling, Sawyer stepped away after giving me a quick peck. “Okay, I have to go, but behave for your date, and I’ll see you tonight.”

“Let us know if you’re going to be late.” Jackson’s voice came from the kitchen doorway, making us both jump. He laughed and shook his head. “You both look very guilty.”

I widened my eyes and shook my head. “Sawyer did it.”

Jackson laughed. “Of course he did, pup. What did he do?”

I whispered like it was absolutely scandalous and leaned in close. “He worried and didn’t tell you.”

Jackson nodded, clearly understanding the gravity of the situation. Sawyer watched us both and shook his head like we were nuts. “Oh, you’re right. He was naughty. I think we’re going to have to figure out a punishment for him later.”

“I agree.” I shrugged and gave Sawyer a pitiful look. “Master will make sure you learn your lesson.”

Oh, yes…Master was going to make sure Sawyer had fun and let go of his worries for the weekend.

Sawyer tried to look innocent, but it wasn’t good enough. The laughter in his eyes was poking through. “I’m not the one who hasn’t finished their portion of the chores. He’s been in here all morning, and it’s only half-done.”

Okay, in my defense, this kitchen was bigger than the old apartment’s and we actually used it. That made everything take longer.

And then there was my date tonight.

And the fact that cleaning the kitchen was so boring.

Jackson chuckled and glanced around the kitchen but didn’t say anything about the half-cleaned room. It wasn’t that bad. Focusing his attention back on Sawyer, he shook his head dramatically. “I think that’s tattling. Cooper’s right. We have to help you remember how to be good.”


Stepping back from Sawyer, I grinned and glanced at the clock on the stove. “He’s also going to be late if he doesn’t get going. So naughty today.”

Sawyer rolled his eyes and tried to seem calm, but I could see his excitement building. The way he shifted his weight from one foot to the other looked like he was trying to discreetly adjust his cock. Someone was anticipating being punished.

“Come on. I’ll walk you out to the car.” Jackson smiled and moved toward Sawyer, wrapping one arm around his waist as they headed to the back door.

They were so cute together.

Sawyer leaned into his touch, and the rest of the stress he’d been holding seemed to melt away. We were the perfect pair for Sawyer. I could tease him and distract him with fabulous things. Then Jackson could push the rest of it away with that calming touch that made us both want to curl into him and let the rest of the world fade into nothingness.

As they headed out the back door, I gave up pretending to clean the kitchen and went over to peek out the window. They were even cuter. Jackson was leaning back against the car with Sawyer wrapped in his arms. Sawyer was holding his lunch and his bag but curled into Jackson like it was the safest place in the world.

My men were so perfect together.

Jackson was running his hand over Sawyer’s back, and though I couldn’t hear it, I knew he was talking low and tender. It was exactly what Sawyer needed to get back into the right headspace for work. After a few minutes, maybe not even that long, Sawyer straightened and nodded at whatever Jackson had said. Leaning in, he gave Jackson a quick kiss and then pointed toward the house, smiling.


Heading back to the fridge, I started cleaning out the weird stuff that had accumulated over the past couple of days. We did a lot of cleaning after dinner, so technically this wasn’t supposed to be that hard of a job, but it was just terrible. Throwing away leftovers and working through the rest of the list was boring.

But with three people living together, even I had to admit hiring someone wasn’t practical. Not that I hadn’t tried to bribe Jackson and Sawyer into at least considering the idea. The closest I’d gotten was that if we won the lottery, we could hire someone to help out around the place.

They were going to regret that when I actually won, because I was going to hold ’em to it.

Jackson came back in, chuckling. “Peeping Tom.”

“It doesn’t count when it’s you guys. You both like to be watched.” I shrugged and looked over my shoulder to give him a grin. “And I was very subtle, so you had alone time.”

Jackson walked over and pulled me away from the fridge and into his arms. “Yes, you were.”

Giving me a quick kiss, he smiled. “Are you excited about tonight?”

“Yes. Pancakes and sex!” It was going to be the best date night ever.

Making sure we got time as couples and not just with all three of us together was important to Jackson. He’d even sent Sawyer and me to the movies the other night, so we could have a date while he stayed home to do some paperwork. I understood why it was important to him, and I appreciated how thoughtful he was, but I liked having him there with us.

Having him around felt right—probably because we’d been waiting so long to find the perfect person who would understand us. Eventually, I’d appreciate his insistence, but I was still at the point where I wanted to tie myself to him and make sure he couldn’t escape.

“Yes, pancakes and then we can play. Do you know what you want to do?” Jackson had said we could do whatever I picked for our date and for our time together, but there were too many fabulous options to choose.

“No…” Then a thought occurred to me. I pressed myself tighter against him and looked at him innocently. “But I’m sure you can show me all kinds of interesting things. I’ve been very sheltered, Sir.”

Jackson’s smile turned heated, but there was also laughter in his eyes that made me want to say more outrageous things just to make him laugh out loud. “I know it’s going to be your first date, my boy, but I’ll take care of you.”


“Thank you, Sir. I want to be a good boy for you, so you’ll be excited to see me again. I don’t want this to be our only date.” Oh no, I wanted lots of sexy, fun role-play time with him in the future.

We hadn’t gotten to play much with sexy fantasies, but even the little bit we’d done had been enough to make Jackson more turned on than ever. I was going to be his sexy boy out for the first time with a man…and eventually, beg him to take me.

He’d love it.

Hell, we’d both love it.

I was going to have so many fabulous things to tell Sawyer when he got home.

Desire radiated from Jackson, and all I wanted to do was press myself against him harder and rub my cock along his. When he spoke, I could almost hear the naughty fantasies running through his head. “I know you’re going to be a good boy for me. As long as you’re very obedient, we’ll have lots of dates.”

Jackson’s hands moved down my back to cup my ass. “I have lots of new things to show you.”

“But what happens if I’m naughty? I don’t want you to be mad.” Sweet or naughty…it was such a hard decision.

“If you don’t want me to be mad, and you don’t want our dates to end, then I would have to punish you to make sure you remember how to be good the next time.” His fingers kneaded and pulled my cheeks apart just enough for me to imagine him filling my ass with his dick. It was maddening. “Don’t you want there to be a next time…even if you’re a naughty boy?”

My hips thrust forward, grinding my cock against his.

Bad cock.

“Yes, please.” I licked my lips and looked up at him, not trying to deny how much I wanted him but cloaking it all in a layer of sexy innocence. “I want to make you happy, Sir, and if that means punishing me when I’m bad, then I want you to do that.”

Jackson finally broke.

His hands rocked my hips to rub my dick against his, and his mouth came down to take mine. He poured every bit of need and love into me as he took my mouth. When he finally pulled away, he smiled down at me. “You are pure temptation.”

I wiggled against him. “I’m not just tempting you…I’m actually going to give it to you…or let you take it, if that would be more fun.”

Jackson laughed and gave me a peck on the lips. “You have work in a little while.” Then he glanced around the kitchen, grinning. “And the rest of the cleaning to finish. I, on the other hand, have to fold the laundry before I start on updating the website.”

Sighing, I looked around the kitchen. I’d rather be folding laundry, even if that included remaking the bed and cleaning the sheets. “That’s not as much fun as my idea.”

Jackson’s smile turned loving and playful. “You always have much better ideas. But we agreed to do the chores, and I have a feeling that Sawyer will be frustrated with us both if I let you distract me every time we’re supposed to clean.”

“It was just once.” Distract someone with a blowjob one time when you were supposed to be vacuuming, and no one ever let you forget it.

Jackson shook his head trying not to laugh. “Three times, Cooper.”

“It couldn’t have been.” Could it?

Jackson pulled away enough that we were no longer pressed together and started counting on one hand. “The blowjob in the living room…the shower sex…the kitchen table.”

Okay, Sawyer might kill me then. “I’m buying a lottery ticket on the way to work.”

Laughing, Jackson gave my ass a pat and stepped away completely. “I had a feeling you’d say that.”

Sighing dramatically as Jackson walked out of the kitchen, I tried to remember what I’d been doing before he’d interrupted me. The dishwasher? The stove?

“There have to be ways of making this more fun.” There just had to. “The fridge!”

Because, duh, I was standing next to it. If anyone needed to get in trouble for me not finishing, it was Jackson. Opening the fridge, I bent over and started digging through the shelves, trying to decide what to throw out. Then it hit me. “Oh…that’s going to be perfect.”

I could make anything fun and fabulous.

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Going from exchanging emails to moving in together happened in the blink of an eye, but Jackson wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Getting to know the quirks and needs of each of his boys has been fascinating and endlessly amusing. With Sawyer’s quiet desire and Cooper’s erotic fantasies, Jackson knows they were meant to be his.

Sawyer and Cooper know more than anyone that life can change in a second, but every moment they spend with Jackson makes them more confident they’d met Master Right. They’d finally found the man who made their family complete.

When a family grows from two to three, there’s bound to be a learning curve, but it’s how they handle those bumps and turns that matter most. Facing the challenges together, their love can overcome anything.

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