His to Use Chapter 1


To hump the ass in front of me or not to hump…that was the question…

And it was a damned good one because it was soft and silky and nearly fucking bare.

Just remembering the sexy scrap of fabric he’d come in wearing masquerading as underwear had my dick getting even harder…and I’d woken up hard as a rock. I couldn’t decide if we’d come back to the same position after a night of wiggling or not, but I’d gone to bed as the big spoon and woken up the same way.

Nestled against his tempting ass.

Fuck it.

Kissing his neck, I rocked against his smooth cheeks, barely noticing the nearly invisible string that was nestled between them. After everything that’d happened and the fact that he’d come in last night wearing something so perfectly tempting, nothing said he was going to object to a few caresses.

As he started to wake, his ass pushed back against me and he let out a low moan…then he froze. So I kissed his neck again and just continued like nothing weird was happening.

I was curious to see how he’d react but there was also a bit of logic to my madness.

“What are you doing?” The somewhat ridiculous question made me want to laugh, but I took it wonderfully seriously.

“Playing with my sub so he remembers he’s mine and doesn’t try to panic.” The answer seemed to be unexpected because I could almost hear his brain starting to whirl. “Stretch your legs out, slut. I want to stroke your chest.”

He obeyed entirely too quickly for me to be too worried. “I…I didn’t think about this morning.”


“I did.” Nibbling on his neck since that seemed to be a hotspot for him, I trailed my hand up his side and over to his chest. Pushing under the long T-shirt, I absently stroked him without going down to his dick. “Your ass is so soft I think I’m going to use it to get off against every morning.”

Perry sucked in a breath as I continued to do what I’d explained. “That… I’d need to stay every night with you then.”

That was where his mind had gone?

Circling one nipple to get another sexy sound from him, I nodded against his neck. “Yes, or you have to make sure you set your alarm earlier than mine so you can strip down to something appropriate and climb in bed with me. Either way, I want to wake up being able to use you first thing. Is that clear?”

His moan said it was, but I waited for him to remember to use his words.

It took a few seconds but I thought that was because of the way my dick was now sliding between his legs. Not quite as good as his ass, but I had a feeling it’d make him feel more used and slutty.

“I…I understand, Sir.” Swallowing and doing his best to hold back another moan, he shivered as the dirty images in his head kept piling up. “I…I think I should stay with you then…I mean…just to make sure you can use me first thing.”

Giving his nipple a pinch to reward him, I kissed his neck again. “I think that’s a very good way to make sure you remember the rule and your place, slut.”

Pressing on his chest to push him back into me, I rocked faster and moaned, not bothering to hide how aroused I was. “Yes, this is going to be your place every morning. Although we’re going to explore lubed versus unlubed at some point.”

As the desire picked up speed, I rolled one of his nipples between my fingers and loved the way he’d finally started to let the needy sounds escape. After a particularly sexy moan, I tugged on his nipple. “And if you’re very good in the morning and make sure I get off nice and strong against you, I’ll even let you come.”

That had a jolt running through him and I wasn’t sure if it was because he was turned on at the idea of coming or if it was the possibility of being denied that was getting him off so good. It took him a second to wrap his mind around everything, but after a moment, he squeezed his legs tighter together and rocked against me. “Sir…I…I like coming in the morning too.”

Fuck. That was sexy.

Everything from his movements to the needy, submissive sound in his voice did it for me. I shot, holding him tighter as my cum made his thighs slick which made the pleasure even better. Yeah, we were trying that with lube next time.

When I’d finally stopped throbbing and went soft, I relaxed my hold and kissed his neck again. “Such a good boy.”

That seemed to be what made his face go red, but I wasn’t sure how being praised could be more embarrassing than waking up being used.

He didn’t pull away, though, so I went back to stroking his chest, giving us both a second to think. When he just tried to bury his face in his pillow without leaving the bed, I started tugging on his nipples again. That had a quiet, sexy sound escaping, and he started rocking again.

“My slut liked being used.” Pointing out the obvious had another shiver going through him and his face seemed to get even redder. “You were also a good little jack-off toy, so I think a reward is in order. How do you want to come, slut?”

That had him going still.

Asking for it might actually be too hard for him, so I kissed his neck again. “I think I want to use my cum to play with your little stiffy here.”

Casually reaching down to give it a pat, I went back to rubbing his nipples and playing with them. They were like having my own little stress toys and the fact that he made such sexy noises when I played with them made it even better. “I might even make you keep wearing my cum until after breakfast. I’d like knowing you were marked as mine.”

For fuck knew what reason, that had Perry’s head pulling away from the pillow. “You’d…you’d mark me?”

Was he worried I wouldn’t keep being his Dom?

Had he been thinking I’d half-ass being his Dom?

As I nodded, he relaxed against me. I’d satisfied some kind of weird worry or answered a question he’d been mulling over but I wasn’t sure what I’d done. “Of course.”

Playing with his chest, I kissed his neck and inched the opening of the shirt over so I could kiss his shoulder. “You’re mine. I’m also going to pick out your clothes today and make use of your mouth later. Then we’re going to work on rules, slut. That’s going to be so much fun.”

The sexy whimper that escaped said I’d hit another button, but I wasn’t sure what I’d said that’d been so right. It was great that I wasn’t fucking this up, but it might’ve been just a bit helpful to know what I was doing right.

Rules, yes?

Anything that gave off a possessive feel seemed to please him on a basic level so that had to be part of it too.

“Thank you, Sir.”

Not terribly helpful.

Reminding myself that his soft tone and the way he’d leaned his head to give me better access to his neck meant more than the words—especially without a safeword in the mix—I started moving my hands lower as I swept over his chest. “You’re welcome, slut.”

He made soft, pleased sounds that were a mix of desire and something that was gentler than pleasure, pushing me to keep going. Letting him think any longer seemed like it would be the wrong move, so I didn’t let myself get distracted as my hands slid over his panties and pulled the front down, tucking the fabric under his balls. “That’s much better.”

Thankfully we’d lost most of the covers somewhere in the night, so we both had a beautifully obscene view of his cock. “Now your little stiffy here isn’t going to be strangled. What do you say, slut?”

That had his dick jerking as he tried to hide the moan that escaped. I wasn’t sure he could do it, but it seemed like he could find a lot of resolve when an orgasm was at stake. “Thank you, Sir. Thank you for…for making sure it wasn’t strangled.”

Hmm, not bad.

“That’s very good.” Running my finger over the head of his slicked cock, I focused all my attention on the one sensitive spot underneath his slit. “Such a dirty boy. Look at how much precum you’ve made. Any longer in those panties and they’d have been very wet.”

His entire body seemed to clench as the sensation rushed through him and it took a long moment before he could swallow and make his brain and mouth work at the same time. “I’m sorry. I can’t help it.”

Hmm, being dirty was definitely a turn-on but I couldn’t decide if it was a kink or not. Either way, I knew it was something I’d have to poke at again. But for now, I had other fun things to focus on.

Kissing his neck softly, I nodded and sighed like I was disappointed in him. “I know…but tell me why you can’t help it. You remember why.”

He whined before sucking in a breath like he couldn’t decide if he was ashamed or so turned on he was ready to explode. “Because I’m a slut, Sir.”

Oh, so brave when he wanted to come.

I was going to have to remember that.

“Good boy.” The switch to an overly cheerful tone embarrassed him, but I made sure to encourage it even more as I slipped my hand between his thighs to get the cum that was cooling there. “I like rewarding my good slut.”

His cock jumped as I wrapped my slick hand around it, rubbing the cum into him as I slowly jerked him off. His muscles went tight for a moment before he relaxed into me, like he wasn’t sure he should be enjoying it before his body just said fuck it.

How he’d ended up this conflicted I’d never understand, but I knew the reason fate had given him to me. He needed someone to show him that his desires were something to be reveled in. He needed a teacher and what else were brothers for?

When he let himself start to enjoy my touch, not completely relaxing but moving toward the pleasure, I kissed his shoulder again. “That’s right. Just submit. I make the decisions and I’ve decided you’re getting a reward.”

Oh, bingo.

His dick throbbed in my hand and he whined, pressing back into me. It seemed I had a little slut who liked having his Dom take charge. I wasn’t sure if it was because that made it easier to pretend he had no control, but that was a conversation for another time.

God, that list was going to be ten feet long by the time he actually got to come this morning. But we were going to put all of them on hold until we were at a point where my hand wasn’t wrapped around his dick…I had a feeling he’d promise me everything I wanted to hear at the moment.

“If I decide to see how many times I can jerk you off in a day, that would be up to me as well. I might lock up your cute little stiffy and keep him soft, just to see how tiny I could make your penis.” That had a jolt running through his entire body.

We’d come back to that idea too.

Clearly, real words were dirtier than casual ones.

For now, I reached down for more cum before gripping his erection tighter. “I might enjoy relaxing back and making you jerk off for me. You’d be a wonderfully dirty show. Blushing and squirming but staying hard because you really are a slut at heart.”

And his cheeks went pink again.

He tried to shake his head and whine, but I ran my finger over his slit, pressing against it just enough to scatter his brains. The sexy cry sent a rush through me, but it was the way he melted into me again that really made me feel like a giant.

He’d been trying to disguise it but we’d found his submission.

“That’s right. You know who you belong to.” Rubbing just under the head of his cock, I couldn’t have missed the way his body shivered against mine as his emotions finally swept through him. “Pain or pleasure. Mine. You’re going to have rules and I’m going to use you. Decorate you. I’m going to take as much control as you’ll give me, slut.”

Oh yeah, he tried to hide how that got to him, but he was too close to hide anything from me. Pressed up against his nearly naked body, he couldn’t hide anything from me or himself. Every needy reaction came through in the sounds he made and the way his body moved.

And it was time to make him move a whole lot more.

Using my teeth on his neck to send more pleasure through him, I kept up the tight hold on his cock and the wonderfully erotic overstimulating caress. I loved the way he whimpered and squirmed, seemingly inching closer to subspace from the almost painful pleasure.

He’d been honest about his interest in the floggers and impact toys like that on his list, but the way he was reacting said there was a lot we could explore. I wasn’t interested in anything that would be considered CBT by most people in the lifestyle, but this was fun.

“Good boy, just relax and take everything I give you.” That got a faint embarrassed whine, but that was it. Perry liked what I was doing to him. He was finally able to explore the sensations he’d been so curious about. I was the one he’d picked to explore with but he knew what he wanted. Hell, he’d liked sleeping with me and he’d made sure he got to do it every night. “Such a good boy, slut. Now show me how incredible it feels.”

His brain took that to mean he should move, and as he whined again, his hips rocked back and forth, grinding against my cock before pushing into my hand. I had such a firm grip on him, it had to be almost painful, but he seemed to love it.

He was racing toward his orgasm, and I was ready to see him explode, so I didn’t hold him back. “Come for me. Let me see how needy my slut is. Don’t hide your pleasure from me, slut.”

Shaking, Perry’s hips pushed forward as his body went stiff. His orgasm crashed over him as his cock pulsed in my hand, the sexy gasp and cry that escaped pushed me to keep jerking him off until he went boneless.

When his cock started to soften and he whined, I relaxed my grip until I was just cradling the dick that now belonged to me.


That was going to be so much fun.

But for now, I let him come down from the high as I did my best to make sure he could feel my confidence. Second-guessing anything I did at the moment would only fuck things up, so I didn’t let myself fall down that rabbit hole as his brain came back to life.

I could tell the minute his thoughts cleared because he went still again. I didn’t call attention to it, though. I simply released his cock and slowly pulled the panties back over his now messy dick. “You have two choices slut, and I’m very curious to see which one you pick. If you lick my hand clean, I’ll let you get a shower before you have breakfast. But if you don’t, then you have to stay in your dirty panties until after we eat.”

His body relaxed as he groaned, but drama wasn’t a color, so I just ignored it as he sucked in another breath. “I don’t want to be dirty, Sir.”

It was an interesting way to handle the situation.

Smart subs were so much fun.

Bringing my hand up to his lips, I let him hear the pleasure in my voice. “Then you know what to do, slut.”

I’d have been happy either way, and I was going to make sure that going forward, all the options he was given worked that way as well.

His cheeks went pink as he whined but he didn’t let a little thing like embarrassment hold him back. His tongue darted out, flicking over my palm. Once he crossed that threshold, the rest was easy, he went to town, softly licking my hand and almost nuzzling it as he sucked our cum off my fingers.

The way he completely relaxed into the dirty task said he was thoroughly pleased with being used. It was almost subspace or some kind of version of it where nothing else mattered to him. Every little push to get him to explore something he told himself was wrong had his submission rising to the surface.

He even looked happier.

The stressed frown that’d been part of his regular expression for so long had faded and it was like he’d finally figured out how to let go of whatever had been weighing him down. He was nearly in a trance; he was relaxed and even pulling my hand away didn’t fuck it up.

“Good boy.” Kissing his head before petting his chest, I kept my tone even and confident as I sat up. “You’ve earned the right to go get a shower. You were a very good boy cleaning your Dom, slut. I’m very proud of you.”

That had the soft look in his gaze getting more submissive as he took in the praise. “Thank you, Sir.”

“You’re welcome, slut.” Running my hand down his chest to make sure he knew I wasn’t going to abandon him, I nodded toward the door. “When you’re done with your shower, I’m going to get you dressed in something sexy for me. Then we’ll start the rest of our day.”

Perry just kind of blinked at me.

Not helpful.

We were definitely going to work on communication.

Reaching down to stroke over his soft dick that was now covered by his panties, I raised one eyebrow. “Do you understand the plan for the morning?”

And that had the lights coming back on.

He took a deep breath and nodded, trying to be subtle as he glanced down at my hand on his dick with a slightly curious expression I couldn’t really define.

He failed at the subtle thing, so I cleared my throat and waited until he was peeking up at me again. “I’m not embarrassed.”

I figured we should probably get that out of the way right off the bat.

“I’m not questioning anything.” What else could he be feeling weird or worried about? “I loved getting off between your legs. I loved that you climbed into bed with me last night. You’ve been a very good boy this morning and I’m going to remember that later, so don’t fuck it up now.”

He almost laughed as whatever stress bubble that’d been building in him popped. As relief seemed to flood through him, he nodded and gave me a cheeky grin. “Yes, Sir.”

“Good boy.” Now to make sure the rest of the day was just as perfect as our morning had been.

Easy goals.

No reaching for the stars here.

No problem at all.


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