Bryce Chapter 1


He knew he should stay away, but he couldn’t. Something about the couple had called to him from the first moment he’d seen them. He’d tried to leave them alone and find someone else that attracted him, but it wasn’t possible.

Watching as Troy carefully wrapped a still-shaking Oliver in a soft blanket, he told his feet they needed to walk away from the intimate moment in front of him, but the traitors kept taking him closer. Inch by inch he worked his way toward the darkness.

The sounding scene had been for the audience at Bound & Controlled as well as the men, but now that it was over, the aftercare was only for the two of them. It was intimate, private. Every rule and piece of etiquette he’d ever learned screamed at him that he needed to leave them alone and give them their space, but something kept him orbiting their private world.

Bound & Controlled was a gay BDSM club that was open and accepting, but there were rules and boundaries. Bryce knew he should find someplace else to be, but it was impossible. It didn’t matter that he was supposed to let them have their space after a scene. Bryce couldn’t leave them. He’d managed to walk away in the past, but it was quickly becoming impossible.

He had to seem like an idiot, or worse, some kind of weird stalker. They were just so perfect together. The passion and the emotion, it was incredible. He loved watching them, but standing outside looking in wasn’t satisfying him any longer.

Troy’s firm voice echoed from the dark corner where the two men sat at the L-shaped sofa, startling Bryce. Even in the low light, he could picture the tall, blond Dom, built more like a Norse god than a mere mortal. “Come sit next to him. He’s still flying, but he’ll want to see you when he comes down.”

His heart stopped.

He felt like he was standing right on the edge of an entirely different universe, and he didn’t know if he could do it. The two warring sides inside of him were finally both on the same page. They didn’t care if they got to dominate Oliver or submit to Troy, they simply wanted to curl up on the couch and hold them both. His brain, on the other hand, kept shouting to walk away.

It was confusing.

A relationship where he was the Dom and sub couldn’t work.

They wouldn’t want him for more than a scene or two, anyway.

His brain was adamant; luckily, his feet listened to lower parts of his body. He took the first step closer and didn’t even realize he was going to say something until the words were already out. “He will?”

It wasn’t much, but Troy didn’t seem to mind. His stern voice warmed a few degrees, sending pleasure through Bryce. “You know he will. Come sit down.” His voice dropped low and heat threaded through it. “Don’t make me tell you again.”

His inner sub rolled over and squirmed for attention. Bryce felt his skin flush and his heart rate increase. It’d been so long since someone really understood what he needed. Would they be able to see who he was and grasp that he was both a Dom and a sub at heart?

Was he willing to take the chance?


One last step and he was standing by the couch. The lighted stages around the room gave off a low glow, but the way the room had been designed left the quiet corner in near-darkness. Even sitting, Troy’s massive frame made Bryce feel small. It made the sub inside him whine and plead for more.

Troy held Oliver in his arms, the sub’s lean, muscular body cradled in his lap. Bryce wasn’t sure where to sit. Troy, thankfully, took the decision out of his hands. “Sit by his feet. That way he’ll see you when he wakes up.”

Bryce curled up next to Troy, close but not touching, and observed Oliver. He’d been so beautiful up on the stage. Needy and desperate but wanting to be perfect for his Dom, giving everything over to the pleasure. At some points while he watched, he’d wanted to be Oliver, strapped down and helpless. Other times, he’d imagined he was Troy, standing over Oliver, teasing and pleasuring him.

His family didn’t really understand, but it felt like there were two different people inside of him struggling for dominance. What he really wanted most was someone who could understand that and help him find a balance.

“You’re thinking too hard. Scoot closer, I won’t bite—unless we go over limits first.” Subtle hints of laughter flowed through his words, making Bryce want to squirm. He inched closer until he was pressed tight against the Dom. “That’s better. Hold his legs and let your hands rest on him. He likes to be held lightly right now, but tighter once he wakes up.”

Something squeezed inside of him as Troy shifted to let Oliver’s legs rest in his lap. Softly wrapping his hands around the slim, strong limbs, Bryce let his head fall to Troy’s shoulder. “Thank you.”

He wasn’t sure for what, but the words were important.

Troy hummed a low tone that sounded pleased, but Bryce wasn’t sure what it meant. “He knew you were there. He wanted to be perfect for you.”

“I…I…” His mind was blank.

Oliver’s eyes started to flutter, and he shifted in their arms, turning to get closer to the radiating warmth of Troy’s body. A little frown created creases between his eyes, and he shifted, trying to get comfortable.

“Is he okay?” He’d seemed fine on stage, but Bryce wasn’t sure.

“He’s going to be a little sore from straining against the straps, but he’s fine.” There was a warmth in Troy’s voice as he talked about his boy. “He’s just whiny when he’s sleepy. He won’t even notice it once he’s awake.”

“Good.” Bryce let his hands glide slowly up and down Oliver’s legs as the man slowly come back to them.

“We’d hoped you’d be here to watch. It was the only thing on his mind this week.”

“It was?” Bryce wasn’t sure how he felt about it. He liked knowing that Oliver had been thinking about him, but it also meant they’d realized how drawn to them he was. He also didn’t want to cause any problems between the two men. “Was that okay with you?”

Bryce felt Troy shift, and a hand came up to wrap around his neck, fingers caressing the short hairs at the back of his head. “Yes, we talk about everything, and we’ve both noticed you around the club.”

He wanted to make sure they were all on the same page before it went any further, but the wonderful sensations Troy was sending through him made it hard to process what he wanted to say. “I…I’m…I can’t think.”

Troy laughed and stilled his hand, but didn’t move away from Bryce. It was just enough to let his brain work again. “I’m a switch. I can’t sub all the time.”

“We know. We asked around when we first realized we were both drawn to you.” Troy’s fingers started moving in slow, soothing circles. “Are you okay with letting me take charge for now?”

Bryce nodded. He realized how hard Troy was fighting to stay calm and not push too fast. But his inner Dom was quiet, unsure of what to do and what was happening. He didn’t need to be in control. He wanted Troy to handle everything. It would take time before he could give his complete submission to the man, but he was already well on his way to kneeling and needy, and they hadn’t even done anything together.

“I need to hear the words. I want to make sure we both understand.”

Bryce fought a frustrated moan that tried to escape as his cock jerked and thickened. He loved the firm, soothing sound of Troy’s voice as he gave the order. He didn’t bark it out. He wasn’t trying too hard or forcing it out because he was unsure. His command was simple and firm. It made Bryce’s toes curl.

“Yes. I’m okay with you taking charge.” He didn’t add Sir, but the word was right on the tip of his tongue. They weren’t there yet, he still had too many questions, but it was so close he could almost taste it.

“Good.” The low word vibrated through Bryce, and that time he didn’t try to hide his reaction. He let his head fall back against the Dom’s hand and a little moan escaped. If he was even thinking about submitting to the Dom, there was no reason to fight his needs or suppress his reactions.

Troy made that low hum and Bryce understood he’d pleased the Dom. It sent a shiver racing through him that only got worse as the hand at his neck tightened and fingers threaded their way through his hair. He loved having his head caressed and his hair played with. It was one of those odd things that could flip his switch and bring his submissive side right to the surface with almost no thought on his part.

The legs on his lap shifted again, and he fought the sensation that was making his brain foggy. Looking down, he saw beautiful green eyes peering up at him in surprised pleasure. “Hello.”

Again, it wasn’t much in the way of a greeting, but it seemed to please Oliver. He smiled a beaming grin and curled into Troy, letting his legs brush against Bryce’s cock. “Hi.”
Oliver looked up at Troy and whispered. “Sir, he’s here.”

A low chuckle had both submissives shivering. “I know. He came over to check on you.”

Oliver preened and glanced back at Bryce, but still talked to Troy. “He did?”

“He did.”

“You were beautiful.” Bryce thought his words were inadequate, but Oliver looked like he couldn’t have been happier. He blushed and wiggled again, then blushed even deeper when he realized exactly what his legs were rubbing against.

Oliver looked up at Troy and whispered, “He thought I was beautiful.”

Bryce smiled, and he felt a deep rumble of laughter go through Troy. The Dom’s short response was full of delight. “I heard.”

Sighing, Oliver snuggled deeper into their embrace, not making any effort to avoid Bryce’s hard cock. His innocent smile looked like it hid wicked intentions, and Bryce couldn’t wait to learn more about the sweet sub.

“There’s water on the table beside you, can you grab it, Bryce?” Troy’s words startled him and it took a second for his brain to make sense of them.

“Oh, yes.” Looking to his right, Bryce saw the table he’d missed earlier and grabbed the bottle of water. Opening it, he handed it to Troy. Watching as the Dom carefully brought it to Oliver’s lips, Bryce wasn’t exactly jealous, but it had been so long since he’d given his submission to someone, he longed to feel that care.

Oliver drank it greedily, and Troy handed Bryce the empty bottle. Setting it on the table, he turned back to see Oliver smiling at Troy. “May I have kisses, Sir?”

Troy didn’t respond with words, he simply lifted Oliver higher in his arms and brought their mouths together. It was tender and caring, almost innocent compared to everything going on around them, but Bryce watched intently. He wasn’t sure if he should have looked away or not, but he didn’t want to miss a single moment.

When Troy pulled away and let Oliver relax back into his lap, Bryce thought the moment was over. He startled as he felt the hand on the back of his neck tighten and push him down toward Oliver. “I think you want another kiss, don’t you, kitten?”

Troy’s words sent shivers of need through Bryce. His hand was firm and Bryce knew it wasn’t so much a request as a silent order. The tender stroking of his fingers as he guided Bryce was a combination that made his cock throb. It was tender yet firm, and Bryce couldn’t help but wonder if he would be the same in bed.

“Oh, yes.” Sated, but somehow still needy eyes watched as Bryce drew closer. “Thank you.”

Bryce wasn’t sure who the sweet sub was thanking, but either way, it was hot. To be thanked so prettily for a kiss was just as erotic as the fantasy that Troy was giving him to Oliver as a present. His mind went wild with the fantasies, but as their lips touched, every other thought faded away.

Full and soft, Oliver’s lips caressed Bryce’s, sending waves of need through him. It was so much more than just a kiss…it was almost frightening. Troy must have sensed something because he slid his hand down from Bryce’s neck to caress his back. Slow circles had his heart rate easing and his brain turning off.

The kiss was slow and filled with unexplored desire. He’d watched Oliver for so long, but he’d never dreamed of being beside him, kissing him. Tasting him. Bryce didn’t deepen the kiss. He didn’t know what he had permission to do, but the temptation was there. So he kept it light, using his lips to nibble at Oliver’s, breathing in every gasp and exhale.

When he pulled away, Oliver settled into Troy’s embrace, a satisfied smile on his face. Troy’s hand worked its way back up to Bryce’s neck. The possessive position tightened things low in Bryce’s stomach. Troy let him ease away from Oliver, but not as far as he’d previously been. Troy kept him close, tucking him tightly against the side of his body.

“That was…” Oliver’s words drifted off, but his Cheshire cat grin spoke volumes.

“Sexy.” Troy growled out the word, the heat and passion sending precum streaming out of Bryce’s cock.

Bryce wasn’t sure what to say. Anything that came out would give away how long he’d watched them. How long he’d needed their touch. He shouldn’t—

“He’s wanted that for a long time.” Troy’s words stopped the roller coaster of worry and nerves that were crashing through Bryce. “I have, too.”

It wasn’t an order to kiss the Dom, but Bryce knew the request was hidden in the words. Bryce looked up into Troy’s eyes and was drawn in like a moth to a flame. He twisted, holding tight to Oliver’s legs, and let his gaze fall to Troy’s lips.

They should have looked hard, since Troy’s strong features couldn’t be described as soft, but when his tongue flicked out and licked them, they suddenly looked tempting and delicious. Inching up, drawing closer to the Dom, Bryce made sure his intentions were clear, but Troy never told him to stop.

The Dom studied him, what Bryce thought was anticipation and arousal flashing in his eyes. When his lips finally touched Troy’s, Bryce didn’t know what to expect. Was he supposed to take charge of the kiss? Would Troy? Was it supposed to be light and quick, or deep and needy?

He melted in relief as Troy took control. The hand on his neck tightening, firm strong lips pulling him close, Bryce felt deliciously trapped and wanted. The passionate, demanding kiss made Troy’s feelings clear. He’d wanted Bryce and he was going to have him.

Oliver’s needy moan echoed the feelings swirling around in Bryce. “God, you guys are so hot.”

Troy pulled back, the first hint of laughter dancing in his eyes. “You like watching us together, kitten?”

Bryce saw the shiver that raced through Oliver, but he also didn’t miss the shifting that said he was still sore. “You two are so perfect together, Sir.”

“Don’t get any ideas. You are too sore to play.” Troy’s words came out stern, but Oliver didn’t seem to mind.

He pouted prettily, blinking up at Troy. “But, Sir…He’s finally here with us.”

“He’ll understand you can’t play tonight. I’m sure he’ll play with us again. I think he wants to give you more kisses. And I’m sure when you tell him how you’ve dreamed of laying yourself over his lap while he spanks your bottom, he won’t want to deny you.”

The deep words were tempting and magical. Bryce would have agreed to almost anything they said. When he talked about kisses and spankings, Bryce found himself nodding absently. He didn’t want this to be the only time he got to touch them both. He wasn’t sure what he was doing or what they wanted, but he knew he had to have more.

Oliver turned his charming, clearly-designed-to manipulate gaze to Bryce. “You’ll play with us again? You’ll spend time with us?”

“Yes.” Bryce nodded, letting his head fall against Troy’s shoulder. “I will.”

Joy and pure excitement radiated from Oliver. “You have to.” His voice dropped low, arousal and anticipation clear. “But what about tonight? I’m the only one who got to come.”

Want to read the rest?

He’d watched them for so long it probably counted as stalking.

Bryce was confident when it came to work and his family, but hesitant when it involved relationships. He’d found subs that he pulled to him and Doms that could make his knees weak for a scene or two, but no one that tugged at his heart or who could understand what it was like to be both a Dom and a sub—until he’d seen Troy and Oliver—

They’d watched him for so long they decided to keep him.

Bryce hovered around them like a moth drawn to a flame. He circled and watched but never came closer, never approached them. Troy and Oliver were tired of waiting. They knew they needed a third to make them complete, and they knew they needed Bryce. But was he ready? They didn’t want a one-night stand or a casual fling. They wanted everything with the confused switch who’d caught their eye and possibly their hearts.