A Random Assortment of Publishing Plans for 2023

Every December I sit down to plan out the most logical books I should release for the next year—and every year the plan goes wildly off track. (Insert mental image of author shaking head here.) But, like clockwork, I did it again because I’m a planner by nature and I love lists.

Some of the books I know will get written are from the His To…Series: His to Use and His to Love (early in the year). I also have high on the to-do list to make sure Aubrey and Lincoln’s book gets written this year (Aubrey shows up in Rethinking Fate), as well as another Too Close book.

You’re probably starting to see a theme here…

So did I. (Picture me shaking my head again.)

So I added books to the list that will be able to go on Amazon. I’m less sure of these, but right now, I have that I want to write more about the pups from the Leashes & Lace world. I want to go back to my omegaverse and write more about the littles from the club at the very least. I’ve also been playing around with ideas for a story about Ben and Conner (from the Bound & Controlled club).

There are a lot of fun options from my list of side characters that I’ve been adding to and making notes about this year. My Facebook group has been great about helping me collect all the random characters that have stories, and the list is now on my whiteboard in my office.

The books I know will come out at the beginning of the year because I’ve already gotten a lot written in them (smiling author image here lol) is another Beautiful Shame book. Finley is a sweet, naughty slut, and he’s adorable. You’re going to love him.

I’ve also got a great start on another novella in the alien world. This is going to be in the Dirty Daddies Spring Anthology. Tentacle Daddy is very intent on finding a little to care for. I love writing those guys and my new alien, Wright, is just as earnest as the rest.

There are also a half-dozen first chapters of several other ideas that have popped up over the last few weeks. Like, I know who the guy was downstairs cheering on Brady in Save Me Santa. The number of random book beginnings I’ve done over the past month is truly ridiculous, but I’m very grateful that the people in my head are chatty.

Hopefully, 2023 will continue with that theme and the characters will continue to be excited and helpful.

I would love to be able to write everything that’s bouncing around in my head, but that means they all have to cooperate. So, fingers crossed for a productive year and lots of books.

Comment below: What are you most interested in reading this year from me?

A Take Charge Dom in Lace – Houston Freebie May 5th-9th

What’s better than a sexy man in lace? One who takes charge and can dominate a sub, of course.

From May 5th through the 9th, Houston will be free for anyone who hasn’t had a chance to read about the guys from my Leashes & Lace series.

While they all have a love of lingerie and BDSM in common, it’s the strong friendships and the family they’ve made that really tie these characters together.

If you haven’t read about my sexy guys in satin and lace, this is the best time to get started, and I can’t wait to see what you think. Have fun with my sweet guys.

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Houston by Shaw Montgomery - Gay Romance Ebook Cover

Hayden Has a Secret – Without Limits Coming Soon!

I think these might be the cutest characters I’ve ever written. Last month I sat down to figure out what to write next and thought Hayden and Trent (side characters from Beautiful Shame, Book 3) would be a fun and easy book to write. I knew how their story ended and assumed it would be really short.

I was wrong.

Unsurprisingly, it turned out longer than I expected. When I sat down to start, I knew that because they’d known each other forever I had to start at the beginning. Well, the beginning for them was when they were kids. I just wasn’t sure how that would turn out.

The first chapter is where Trent discovers that his best friend Hayden has a secret…well, two really…then we jump to when they’re older. There are several time jumps in the book because they just has so much they wanted to share. I’ve done my best to make sure the jumps are clear and make sense in the story line, but there are no flashbacks so that should make it easier.
Here is the start of Without Limits.

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Without Limits by MA Innes - Gay Romance Ebook Cover