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    Summer 2024 Plans

    You have no idea how many times I’ve rewritten my release plans for the next couple of months. Over and over and over isn’t even enough of an explanation.

    Part of the problem was I let myself get too worn out in the first couple of months of the year. Family drama and overscheduling myself and my kids were super distracting (no surprise there to anyone with kiddos no matter how old they are). The end result was just a tired author who wasn’t sure what she wanted to do.

    So I rewrote plans at least five different times but Sage would probably tell you it was a lot more than that.

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  • The Bates, Gareth, and Cashel Duet is Complete! – Learning to Run Now Available!

    My funny and slightly dramatic cuties are back. Bates, Gareth, and Cashel are back in their last book, Learning to Run. They’ve figured out more questions that need to be answered, including why Jude is such a pain in the butt, but they’re having so much fun discovering who they are, Gareth has mostly stopped pouting about how long the list is getting. I love these guys. I love how Gareth has his own way of seeing the world and his relationships with Cash and Bates. I love how Cash worries and has to take care of everyone. I love how Bates thinks they’re adorable. And I love that apartment complex to bits. Learning to Walk and Learning to Run […]

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  • Happy Doms are The Best Ones – Learning to Walk Now Available!

    I’m so excited for you to finally get to know Gareth and Cashel (the roommates from Save Me Santa). They’re so funny and I’ve had so much fun seeing life from Gareth’s point of view. It’s easier now to see why he’s driving Jude batty, but I can also see why Cashel and Bates are head over heels for the confused cutie. Learning to Walk is the first book in the duet for Gareth, Cashel, and Bates (the fun downstairs neighbor). Learning to Run will be the second book for them. It will go live on September 15th but Walk ends on a happy for now ending with no cliffhanger. Learning to Walk starts with you getting a look at […]

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  • My Nosiest Character Yet! – Pre-Order Learning to Walk and Learning to Run Now!

    Do you remember Brady’s roommates from Save Me Santa? Gareth and Cashel who were a bit confused about everything? Yep, they’re back and getting their own book. Learning to Walk goes live on August 25th and is now on preorder. I had so many fun questions about these guys, but when I started writing the book, I could answer about five percent of them. I had no idea if they’d been together before or what they were looking for or what was going on in general. Basically, all I knew was that Gareth was really confused about spankings and what Brady saw in Jude, and Cashel wasn’t sure what was going on. That’s when Bates stepped in. He’s really curious […]

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  • Learning to Trust and My Cameron Now on Audible!

    I’ve been watching Audible for days wondering which of the new audiobooks would show up first…and wouldn’t you know, they came out on the same day. Learning to Trust is the first book in The Education of the Heart series. It’s an age play romance with a Daddy who doesn’t realize he’s a Daddy and isn’t sure how to define his sexuality. This is a slow burn romance, but there are a lot of tender moments between them. Book two in the series will be out on audiobook sometime around the end of March, so you won’t have to wait too long. Buy on Audible US Buy on Audible UK   My Cameron is the other audiobook that just came […]

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  • Learning to Love is HERE!

    If you’ve been waiting to read about Leon and Morgan since Learning to Love is a direct continuation from Book 1…you’re in luck! Learning to Love is now live on Amazon and available in Kindle Unlimited. Buy on Amazon

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