How a Real Life Town and College Inspired The Setting For Three Series

There have always been certain places in my life that I just felt like I belonged…that it was where I was supposed to be. I always knew I would move back to North Carolina, no matter how many places I moved to in the meantime. But the first place I knew was a space I’d return to was Williamsburg, Virginia.

William and Mary Campus Williamsburg, Virginia Photo by Shaw Montgomery

Even as a young teenager, the first time I saw the campus of William & Mary I knew that was where I wanted to be. So it probably won’t surprise you that when I started imagining a college for my guys where they could learn to be themselves and be happy, I always pictured that campus in my head.

I’ve taken a lot of liberties with the town and the surrounding area, but it’s the feel of the college and the way the town spreads out around it that I love and wanted to give to my guys.

I got a chance this week to walk through Williamsburg and the college again, this time showing it to my teenage kids, and that feeling came rushing back. It was wonderful getting to soak up that feeling again, even if my kids don’t really understand. However, they humored me and we had a great time so I have no complaints.

William and Mary Campus Williamsburg, Virginia Photo by Shaw Montgomery

But as we walked around the mostly deserted campus, I couldn’t help but picture how my guys would look there…Kevin running across campus because he was late or Bryan hiding out between some of the buildings just because he needed a break…and Cody wandering between the buildings with his head in the clouds.

They’re all so very real to me, and I can’t help but think that some of that realness is because I’ve always imagined them in one of my favorite places.

William and Mary Campus Williamsburg, Virginia Photo by Shaw Montgomery


Pictures in this post are from my recent trip to campus, and although I’ve taken a lot of liberties with the town, I hope you enjoy seeing where I imagine them wandering around.

William and Mary Campus Williamsburg, Virginia Photo by Shaw Montgomery

William and Mary College is featured in three of my series:

The Loving Series, a slow burn incest taboo between loving brothers. Read Book 1, Too Close to Love.
The Pieces Series, a best friends to lovers age play story. Check out book one, His Missing Pieces.
The Embrace Series, a slow burn threesome romance featuring a nervous professor and his loving Daddy. Here’s book one: Embracing Faith.

William and Mary Campus Williamsburg, Virginia Photo by Shaw Montgomery

Share in the comments below: Have you been to William and Mary College? Can you picture any of my guys hanging out on campus? If you’re an author, share real life locations that have inspired you!

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One of the couples that is featured in the book is Bryan and Maddox from the Pieces series. To celebrate the upcoming playdate story, I have the Pieces series on sale through Friday on the US and UK Amazon sites.

This is the best way to grab the books if you haven’t had a chance to read them yet. Bryan’s so shy it’s sweet, and Maddox learns to be such a great Daddy. His Missing Pieces is the first book in the series.

His Missing Pieces – Book 1
My Perfect Fit – Book 2
Our Perfect Puzzle – Book 3
Their Perfect Future – Book 4

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Their Perfect Future

Bryan & Maddox are back!!

They were so much fun to write about that I couldn’t leave them at only three books. They’re finally living together and getting their relationship back on track, but you get to see what happens when they find out about Jeremy & Kevin and there are some new problems with Maddox’s parents that crop up.

I can’t wait to show you!

Their Perfect Future is out on preorder now and will be released on Friday, October 27th. They’re also going to make an appearance in Jeremy & Kevin’s story in the Christmas book that will be out just before Thanksgiving.

Take a look at the first chapter

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Their Perfect Future by MA Innes - Gay Romance Age Play Ebook Cover

Their Perfect Future Chapter 1

Chapter 1


“You’re sure you want me to come? I know this isn’t exactly like a job interview but…” I didn’t know how to phrase it without sounding mean, but how many job interviews did you bring your boyfriend to, much less your Dom and Daddy?

Bryan threw himself down on the couch, looking frustrated. “You didn’t hear him. I want the internship, but he said applicants had to be able to explain why they wanted to work in a practice that handled more unique relationships. Well, ours is unique, but if I have to tell him, then you have to be there.”

“I’m not saying I won’t be there for you, B, but I just want to make sure you know what you’re doing. You want this, right?” I still wasn’t sure it was a good idea. When he’d come back from class last month talking about this crazy guest lecturer they had, I was glad he’d found the guy interesting. When it turned into a possible internship, I’d been excited—until I’d heard about the fine print.

He gave me a confused look. “I do, but it’s…I…I have to talk about it—with a stranger. This is the perfect opportunity though. As long as I don’t give myself a heart attack or something.”

The guest speaker had come back a week or so later to discuss a new position in his practice. Part file clerk/errand boy and part internship, Bryan would learn a lot. If the guy’s clients were anywhere close to as unique as the hypothetical cases he’d talked about in class, I knew it would be a good chance for Bryan to become more comfortable with himself.

I just wasn’t sure if Bryan could do it, and I wasn’t sure I should push him.

Explaining our relationship to someone wasn’t as scary to me as it was to Bryan, but I didn’t like the idea of sharing things with a stranger. We were still awkward when we were talking about stuff with Kevin and Jeremy, and they seemed weirder than we were.

Not that we’d learned much more about what they were into.

After the initial discussion, they’d both backed off. We still hung out a lot and studied together. Jeremy had even helped get my new business off the ground, but it was clear they weren’t ready to open up yet. If they hadn’t overheard Bryan and me, we probably wouldn’t have shared either, so we didn’t blame them.

Bryan took a deep breath and looked up at me, a serious expression on his face. “Do you think it’s a bad idea?”

“No.” I knew that right away. “I just don’t want to push you into something you’re not ready for. You said yourself that there are a lot of seniors going for the internship, even though they might not have the exact background the guy is looking for. I don’t want you to stress yourself out sharing things you’re uncomfortable with then still not get it.”

So maybe I was overprotective.

Bryan had filled out the initial application and even answered some hypothetical questions well enough that he’d gotten a call back for the in-person interview, but that was when he’d started to panic. We’d been going around in circles for the past week, and we hadn’t made any progress. I felt like a failure but I wasn’t sure what would be best.

I pushed off the counter I’d been leaning on and walked over to the couch to sit down beside him. Pulling him into my arms, I tipped us over until he was lying on top of me, laughing. “Much better. I love this couch.”

He squirmed around until he was comfortable then gave me a kiss. “Me too. Lots of room to cuddle with you.”

That was another thing Kevin and Jeremy had helped us with—furniture. They’d gone with us almost every weekend to hunt for things for the apartment. It was turning out better than I’d hoped. Jeremy had a good eye for bargains and was able to plan things out well, so our place looked homey and not like the typical first apartment mess. Some of the guys I’d had study sessions with lived in hovels that looked like they were furnished with stuff from the dump. And not the good reinvented stuff you see online.

“All right, here’s what we’re going to do.” Now I had Bryan’s complete attention. “We’re going to head over there and talk to the guy. If he thinks it’s weird I’m there, then it will be your call. I can hang out in the car or we can leave. I haven’t met him, so I don’t have an opinion. I will support whatever you want. If you’re not comfortable, then we leave.”

Bryan leaned down and gave me a quick, tender kiss. “Then we come home and have playtime?”

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Bryan & Maddox

Well the move is almost done, but it’s put me a bit behind. I meant to post this days ago, but it got lost on my to do list. Because Our Perfect Puzzle comes out tomorrow, I thought you’d like to see the first chapter. I can’t wait to see what you think. The guys have grown so much, but they still have a ways to go.


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Our Perfect Puzzle by MA Innes - Gay Romance Age Play Ebook Cover

Our Perfect Puzzle Chapter 1

Chapter 1


“Are you sure there wasn’t something else we were supposed to do before we left? Didn’t we promise Mom we’d run an errand for her?” Wandering around the kitchen, pretending to look for the car keys, I glanced over at Maddox. He was leaning against the table, watching me. “I’m sure there was something. Can you remember what it was?”

“We’re supposed to run down tomorrow and place an order at the bakery. She wanted us to have treats for the ride back and the first day or two at school.” Maddox stood up and walked over to me. His hands came up and started rubbing my arms tenderly. “What are you doing, B?”

“Looking for my keys and making sure we didn’t forget anything.” I tried to play innocent.

“Your keys are in your pocket and have been for almost ten minutes now. They’re not in the fridge or the cabinet or mixed in with the mail. You also haven’t forgotten anything because we’ve been over the to-do list three times in the past week.” He leaned in close and gave me a kiss on my forehead. Pulling back, he smiled at me and pressed again. “What are you avoiding? Or maybe I should ask what you’re worried about?”

I looked at him helplessly, not sure I could explain it.

“Do we need to cancel dinner? You’ve emailed both of them several times and when we were over at the store last week, you didn’t say no. You stood right there at the checkout while I said yes. Is all this about going over to Sarah and Richard’s house, or something else?” Maddox wasn’t upset. But it was easy to see that he was starting to get worried.

“I don’t know?” I didn’t mean for it to come out as a question, so I tried again. “I don’t know. Maybe it’s everything. Dinner…the summer being almost over…school starting again…just everything.”

Maddox pulled me close and wrapped his arms around me, letting me rest my face against his neck. I’d been doing better about the whole playing ostrich thing, but sometimes I still needed it. His voice deepened into the tone he occasionally used on me. “I’m very proud of you for being able to talk to me about what you’re feeling.”

He let me relax and cuddle with him for a little bit longer before he spoke again. “Here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to go back upstairs for a minute. Then we’re going to head over to dinner. On the way over, if there’s something specific you want to talk about, we will. Otherwise, we’re going to hang out and have fun while we drive. You’re going to do your best to put your worries out of your head for a while because thinking about them isn’t making you feel better. When you’re ready, we’ll start addressing them.”

“Yes, Daddy.” I took another deep breath, smelling the unique scent that was all Maddox and pulled away. “I’m ready to go upstairs.”

I didn’t ask what he was going to do or what the plan was as we walked out of the kitchen, heading for the bedroom. Yeah, there was a little part of me that might have been too embarrassed to ask. But mostly, it was trust. He would do what he thought would help. I had complete confidence in him.

Even I could see I was much more functional now than I had been at the beginning of the summer when everything first happened. Some of that was work on my part, but I think most of it had to do with him.

He kept me grounded and accepted me. It was amazing how much simpler things were when you knew you had someone standing right there with you. I was still easily embarrassed and prone to hiding during stressful moments, but much better overall.

He was probably going to do something that would make me a little nuts, but that was okay. He was Daddy and that was what mattered. He would help me keep the worries at bay and handle things that came up. I had to keep reminding myself of that when the panic started to stir.

Which wasn’t that often lately.

Hell, we’d gone to the toy store and bought that cock cage last week and I hadn’t hidden at all. I’d been functional. I might not have been able to say the word out loud yet, but I could think it without wanting to climb under the bed. Big improvement, really. I’d also touched it and read the instructions.

At Maddox’s insistence.

But still, I’d done it.

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