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    Medical Role Play Fun – Doctor Conner Is Now Available

    I first started working on this ages ago, but it never felt right. I wasn’t exactly sure what was off with it until I showed it to my Patreon. They were great and a few people especially gave really sweet feedback about how to make it better.

    I had to make it naughtier.

    I think that’s my favorite part of having something like Patreon. I love being able to show them what I’m working on and to see what they think…especially with projects like this.

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  • Delightfully Naughty Finley – Beautiful Shame 5 Now Available!

    Naughty subs are so much fun to write…and Finley is delightfully naughty. He’s also sweet and funny and is quickly becoming best friends with the equally naughty Conner…so he lets Conner play matchmaker and shenanigans ensue. Finley & Jared (Beautiful Shame, book 5) is finally live, and I can’t wait for you to meet these two cuties and see their wonderfully sexy journey as they fall in love. This is a standalone story, although Conner (The Owners) makes an appearance and Derek from The Only Way to Live shows up to have some fun too. The Beautiful Shame series is filled with sweet sexy fun and is all very consensual. If you like voyeurism, exhibitionism, and wicked fantasies then these […]

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  • The Only Way to Live New Bonus Chapter!

    Derek (The Only Way to Live) recently decided he wanted to come back and play. He’s clearly not being kept busy enough at his adult toy store because he was bouncing up and down and saying he wanted to do something fun…and he’s entirely too enthusiastic to tell no. He has a friend who wants some naughty help rewarding his sweet new sub, but to be a wonderful helper, Derek needs Sean’s help. This is a bonus chapter that comes after the original story for Derek and Sean, and it sets up a sexy scene that you’ll see in Finley & Derek, Beautiful Shame 5 (releases on 1/27). This is teasing Finley’s story a bit, but you don’t have to […]

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  • Conner is Matchmaking! – Pre-Order Finley & Jared Now!

    Some of my favorite things to write are dirty talk and naughty subs who like pretending they aren’t naughty…which is why I looove writing my Beautiful Shame books so much. There’s something wonderfully fun about blushing cuties who love being dirty, and I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of writing those types of characters. Just sitting down and starting the next Beautiful Shame book made me smile because Finley (my newest dirty cutie) was so dramatic and so funny. Even Conner loves hanging out with him but always ends up rolling his eyes or saying something to tease my naughty cutie. Making Finley blush is one of his favorite new hobbies. At the start of Finley and Jared’s book, […]

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  • Sweet and Sexy with a Dash of Kink – Archer and Declan Out Now!

    Archer and Declan are finally here. The Beautiful Shame books are always some of my favorite to write. The dirty talk and edging are so much fun to write and the characters always have tons of chemistry and emotional connections. Archer and Declan have that same chemistry from the first time they meet, and in between the sexy teasing and the dirty talk, you can see how they come to care for one another. If you’re looking for something sexy and sweet to read that has a dash of kink and some fun cameos (Archer works in insurance…hint hint) check out these two. Here’s the first chapter if you’re curious. Buy on Amazon

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  • Shy Archer and Funny Declan – Beautiful Shame Book 4 Coming December 18th

    Foreplay has always been one of my favorites parts of a book to write. I love the teasing and the build-up and everything that leads to sex when two people are perfect for each other. I think that’s why I love my Beautiful Shame series so much. It’s a series where I get to give myself permission to add in all the dirty talk and teasing I want, and somehow it just makes the story come together even more perfectly in my head. As I sat down in October and started playing with different ideas about who the characters would be for the next Beautiful Shame book, Archer and Declan came to life quickly. Archer looks all sweet and shy […]

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