Bound With You

Keeping a roof over his family’s heads has been Landon’s only goal for years. Hard work and multiple jobs kept them afloat, but it didn’t leave much time for self-reflection or a social life. Now that their finances are secure and he can finally have a life of his own, he’s left wondering one thing…now what?

The solemn young man with the tattoos and temptingly placed jewelry might not know what he wants, or even if he’s a sub, but something about him pulls at Porter.

With his world in limbo after the sale of his business, Porter isn’t sure what to do next. For years, building his company was the only thing on his mind, but now, when all he has left is an empty life and too much time on his hands, Porter is left wondering one thing…now what?

When two men come to a crossroads, they’ll have to come together to finally discover what they were really meant to find in life…love.

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