Bound Between You

Bound Between You

Book 4 in the Tender Control Series

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Bound Between You by Shaw Montgomery - Gay Romance Ebook Cover

Keegan hasn’t had the best luck with Doms or dating, but he’s not letting that stop him from finding Mr. Right…or maybe that should be Mr. Flirty and Mr. Stern but Sexy. When a promise leads him to the Bound & Controlled club, his artistic nature can’t help being pulled to two very different Doms, but who says he has to pick just one?

Julian and Niall know they’re no good for each other. They’ve been down that path, and all they found was frustration and baggage. But when a too-sweet-for-his-own-good artist bounces into the club, they have to decide if they’re willing to let the past get in the way of what could be a perfect future.

Sometimes love is easy…sometimes love is hard…but it’s always worth fighting for.

Story Contains: M/M/m romantic content, BDSM elements, one artist who sees things a little differently, one switch with a stubborn streak, and one Dom with more baggage than he’s willing to admit. There are mentions of past trauma but nothing on page and nothing explained in detail.

Author’s Note: While this can be read as a standalone, it will make the most sense if you read the series in order.

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