Blue Ridge Magic Series

Everyone knows small towns attract the most interesting people. The ancient mountains of the Blue Ridge Magic Series are made up of fascinating locals, the cutest littles, dragon shifters, and a dash of magic.

Each book can be read as a standalone, but they are best read in order.

Pouts and Pancakes

Pouts and Pancakes is a short glimpse at the Blue Ridge Magic series and a new world full of Daddies, Doms, subs, and littles. Each book will be about a new couple, but you’ll continue to get glimpses of the previous couples as the series goes on.

Magic and Mayhem

Aliens. Deputy Talon Winslow is pretty sure he’s protecting aliens, but he’s starting to get the hang of it…aside from a few interesting issues that keep popping up, like an armored truck going missing. His new job pays too well to be as simple as it looks, but he hadn’t expected glowing eyes and adorable littles who almost sparkle they’re so fascinating. But if aliens come in cute and kinky, does it really matter they’re not human?

Dragons. Kenzie can’t quite decide if the new deputy he’s planning on keeping knows about dragons and mages or not. However, it doesn’t take him long to decide it isn’t the most important question when dating the handsome, slightly puzzling human. When will he get to call him Daddy and if the deputy knows Kenzie is keeping him are much better questions.

When a small mountain town isn’t as boring as it seems, a slightly confused human and a dragon with a toy hoard will learn that there’s always a bit of magic involved when falling in love.

Secrets and Kisses

Magic. As a librarian, Stefan knows there’s magic in books and imagination, but it isn’t until he moves to the mountains of North Carolina that he realizes people can come with magic too…well, the locals at least seem to come with magic…and fascinating relationship dynamics he thought were just on TV and in books.

Dragons. Somehow, the council gave Boyd the job of telling the new librarian that dragons and mages are real. He’s not sure who he pissed off to be the one to scare the adorable librarian into leaving town, but he’s not happy about it. A man as sweet and shy as the town’s new librarian can’t have any idea about what the locals are hiding or what kind of thoughts Boyd has been having about him, can he?

When people aren’t as innocent or grumpy as they seem, a curious librarian and a slightly grumpy dragon will learn that love is even stronger when there’s a bit of magic involved.

Sparkles and Scowls

Sparkles. As the most fabulous dragon that has ever graced the skies, Lorne always pictured his mate as…well…at least slightly shiny. He knows he’s incomparable, but he thought his mate would match him in some wonderfully glittery way. What he’s not expecting are two mates who seem to think black is a lifestyle and not a sin against fashion.

Mages. When it comes to insane mates, nothing holds a candle to a drama queen mage who expects the worst…but their oblivious cutie who always has his head in the clouds is running a close second. As a Daddy without a little and a mate who’s all alone, though, Monroe knows it’s time to stop waiting for fate to have all the answers.

Dragons. They’re a pain in every conceivable way, but Carrick knows he’s stuck with them when fate matches him with not one but two illogical dragons who seem to have been put on the Earth to drive him crazy. Unfortunately, it seems like their insanity might be one of his favorite things about his unexpected mates.

When one mate isn’t as innocent as he appears and the other two are diamonds in the rough, three men will come to realize that mates are always meant to be.

Mischief and Mates

Mates. As a human, Alick’s never been jealous of flying or magic, but mates…well, that’s worth a bit of envy and a dash of bad decisions. But with magic in the air and a mate who might be under a compulsion, all he can do is pray to the ancestors that they haven’t killed his potential mate…or worse.

Troublemakers. Grady’s always known his mate is out there somewhere waiting for him, but what he never expected is to be put under a compulsion or to find his mate in the strangest town he’s ever been to. But with the magic of mates and an adorable little who needs a Daddy and a bit of confidence, anything is possible.

If a spell can find wallets, keys, and phones, surely it can find where Alick’s mate has wandered off to, right?

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Wishes and Research

Bugs. Well, beetles, but it doesn’t matter because they keep disappearing. Poof. Insects, bugs, or just creepy crawlies, Paxton doesn’t care what they’re called because they’re the most fascinating creatures he’s ever seen, and as an entomologist, that’s saying a lot. But since he’s currently in the most frustrating town he’s ever seen, there might be a connection.

Bugs. Fraser is fascinated by the adorable bug doctor who’s running around town digging in the dirt and playing with bugs. He also agrees with the rest of the nuts in town that Paxton has to be a little. But there’s one big question on everyone’s mind. Does Paxton know he’s not as vanilla as he seems to think he is?

When the bugs are vanishing and the locals are perplexing, falling in love just might be the easiest part of Paxton’s magical discoveries.

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