Becoming The Owners

All it took was one look for Ben to know he’d found his forever.

He just needs to figure out how to get the enchanting man to come down from his gilded cage and see what is waiting for him down below. But when the stunning dancer in the cage spends more time hiding from the world than embracing it, Ben knows he’s going to have to get creative if he wants to catch the pretty bird’s attention.

All it took was one look for Conner to know the man standing in front of him was insane.

It also only took one look for Conner to realize he might have a thing for crazy men with big dreams. Something about the passion in the bold man’s eyes pulls him in, but what captures Conner’s imagination are the tempting promises and the way the man sees more than just a naughty bird dancing high above the crowd.

Author's Note:

This is a standalone novella that shows the start of the relationship between Ben and Conner, the owners of the Bound & Controlled club that have appeared in several of my books. You do not have to read those books to enjoy this story. Includes brief mentions of past trauma. No on page violence and no graphic descriptions.