The Bates, Gareth, and Cashel Duet is Complete! – Learning to Run Now Available!

My funny and slightly dramatic cuties are back. Bates, Gareth, and Cashel are back in their last book, Learning to Run.

They’ve figured out more questions that need to be answered, including why Jude is such a pain in the butt, but they’re having so much fun discovering who they are, Gareth has mostly stopped pouting about how long the list is getting.

I love these guys. I love how Gareth has his own way of seeing the world and his relationships with Cash and Bates. I love how Cash worries and has to take care of everyone. I love how Bates thinks they’re adorable.

And I love that apartment complex to bits.

Learning to Walk and Learning to Run are now live and this duet is the complete story for these three, but I’ve got ideas for some of the rest of the fun guys in the apartments. We’ve still got to see who was singing from the earlier books, and we need to figure out who the helpful cutie was who didn’t mind butting in on the relationship between Bates, Gareth, and Cashel.

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Learning to Run by MA Innes - Gay Romance Book CoverBlurb:

“How do you know if you’re a hostage?”

His boys ask the most interesting questions, but Bates wouldn’t have it any other way. They’re fabulously curious and wonderfully unique, and they’re quickly becoming the center of his world even though they haven’t technically known each other very long. But there are definitely more important things than time when it comes to falling in love.

It isn’t his fault that life is weird and he has a growing list of questions, but thankfully, he has the best boyfriends he could’ve ever dreamed up because his list just keeps getting longer and longer. But Gareth knows questions are good and the answers are always fun, especially when some end with tails and playtime.

How Gareth’s questions led to his own switchy crisis, Cashel still can’t quite figure out, but it just seems to be what happens when he’s surrounded by crazy on all sides. And the insanity is contagious because Jude’s acting even stranger and now Brady is asking his own growing list of the weirdest questions ever.

When a nosy neighbor falls for two curious cuties, it will take some kinky exploration and a bit of hostage negotiations to bring this family together forever.

Author’s Note: This is a continuation of the story for Gareth, Cashel, and Bates from Learning to Walk. This is not a standalone.

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