Awkwardness and Blanket Forts – New Cuties n Kink Designs!

Blanket forts, umbrella drinks, and embracing our awkwardness…have you seen the new designs? The newest merch is live and some of you probably saw it in the special merch newsletter, but just in case you haven’t seen it, I thought I’d show you my favorite pieces.

Blanket Fort and Chill - Cuties n Kink Merch Design by Shaw Montgomery/MA Innes

Blanket Fort and Chill

Let's Cuddle in My Blanket Fort - Cuties n Kink Merch Design from Shaw Montgomery/MA Innes

Let’s Cuddle In My Blanket Fort

I'd Rather be Reading Gay Romance Novels in My Blanket Fort - Cuties n Kink Merch Design from Shaw Montgomery/MA Innes

I’d Rather be Reading Gay Romance Novels In My Blanket Fort

The blanket fort!

The three! different versions of this one have to be some of my favorites because they’re just so cute and they remind me of so many of my littles. Everyone from Charlie to Bryan and Kevin would love it. I think we could all use a blanket fort sometimes.

It's an Umbrella Drink Kind of Night - Cuties n Kink Merch Design from Shaw Montgomery/MA Innes

It’s An Umbrella Drink Kinda Night

Umbrella Drinks!

I love how cute the goodies from the One of Those Days series are turning out. They’re so much fun and make me smile. I think I’m going to need a full set of mugs from these…or maybe T-shirts?

Brush it Off, a Little Awkward Never Killed Anyone - Cuties n Kink Design Merch from Shaw Montgomery/ MA Innes

Brush it off, a little awkward never killed anyone

Awkward is awesome!

So maybe I have a lot of favorites this time because I’m definitely getting the brush it off one on a shirt. Awkward cuties are the best and they need all the support we can give them.

Comment below: Which design is your favorite from this update?

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