• Bold by MA Innes- Gay Romance Book Cover - Blog Post
    A Mischievous Little and a Gruff Alpha – Pre-Order Bold Now

    The next omegaverse book is up on preorder and I thought I’d give you a peek at the new book. Dessie from the playroom is on the cover. He’s mischievous and loveable and has had a bit of a rocky dating history. But that’s all going to change because Austin’s playing matchmaker. I know…that’s a scary sentence. You’re going to like Tyson, though, so don’t worry. He’s slightly gruff alpha who likes information and privacy. He’s very new to BDSM but he’s got a purpose in exploring it. He’s hoping to find an openminded sub who won’t mind his physical issue that makes him unique. Tyson has a hormonal issue that makes it so he lactates. He’s convinced it will […]

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  • Tanner and Bashful are FREE Through 6/9

    Have you started reading about the omegas?

    Tanner and Bashful are both free through today to let you jump into my omegaverse world if you haven’t figured out how funny those guys are yet.

    Drunk shenanigans.

    Naughty omegas.

    Sexy alphas.

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  • his theo blog post
    Stronger Together – Buy His Theo Now on Amazon (and Kindle Unlimited)

    My aliens are some of my favorite books to write.

    I love how they see the world and how they describe it and I LOVE how seriously they take their relationships with their humans.

    Those are some of Theo’s favorite things about them too…and that they have tentacles.

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  • his theo blog post
    Meeting at an Alien/Human Mixer – Get His Theo Now with Early Access!

    Are you ready to dive into Theo’s book?

    His Theo is now live here on my site and it will be available through Thursday evening because on Friday it goes live on Amazon (and in KU).

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  • where ideas come from blog post image
    Where Do My Ideas Come From?

    A question I get a lot is how I get book ideas. I’ve shared some of the random ways I’ve started books in the past. For example, Secrets in the Dark was a line in a song I heard on the radio and I started wondering why they were in the dark. Sometimes it’s just random starts of dialogue. And I truly mean random. So I thought I’d share a few of the starts that are up on my computer right now. #1 (no idea who this is) “You don’t understand. I’m supposed to be hanging out with a guy named Matt who’s been showing me how to fix up my house. There has to be a Matt or she’s […]

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  • doctor conner blog post
    Medical Role Play Fun – Doctor Conner Is Now Available

    I first started working on this ages ago, but it never felt right. I wasn’t exactly sure what was off with it until I showed it to my Patreon. They were great and a few people especially gave really sweet feedback about how to make it better.

    I had to make it naughtier.

    I think that’s my favorite part of having something like Patreon. I love being able to show them what I’m working on and to see what they think…especially with projects like this.

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