• Mischief and Mates by MA Innes - Gay Romance Book Cover
    Lorne Tries to Help Alick Find His Mate – Mischief and Mates Cover Reveal

    Are your ready for more of my dragons? Scroll down to check out the cover for Mischief and Mates! Alick is front and center this time and he’s ready for his mate. So, Lorne decides he needs to be helpful and shenanigans ensue. Oops. Well, Carrick is a tiny bit mad but they’re pretty sure they didn’t kill Alick’s mate (where ever he is) but they’re not sure if they f’ed up the magic (they’re really hoping they didn’t turn Alick’s mate into a woman). Another oops. But mates are always compatible so there’s nothing to worry about, right? I can’t wait to show you what happens in Mischief and Mates. It will be live on my site from April […]

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  • Cuties n Kink Merch
    Fan Club? Super fan? Stalker? – New Cuties n Kink Merch!

    New merch has dropped and it’s a fun mix of cute stuff for superfans and stuff for my naughty friends.

    Are you a fan club kind of person or a stalker oh I mean reader kind of person?

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  • Kenton's Courage by MA Innes - Gay Romance Book Cover
    Get Kenton’s Courage 4 Days Early!

    You ready to get early access to Kenton’s story?

    Kenton’s Courage is now live here on my site and will be live until Thursday when it will come down so that it can go live on KU.

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  • Kenton's Courage by MA Innes - Gay Romance Book Cover
    Is Kenton’s Boyfriend…VANILLA?! – Pre-Order Kenton’s Courage Now!

    Kenton is back!

    In the Our Love series, Kenton was the adorable pup who was dating a guy he thought might be vanilla. Well, Kenton has his own book now, and he doesn’t have as much to worry about as he thought.

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  • Daddy's Little Sunshine by MA Innes - Blog post
    A Cinnamon Roll Daddy and A Princess Little – Daddy’s Little Sunshine Now Available!

    Daddy’s Little Sunshine is live on Amazon! (and in KU) Addison is a princess little and his original book was a novella in the Dirty Daddies Pride Anthology last year. Addison’s a slightly theatrical princess who loves dresses and adventures with his toys and chicken nuggets from his favorite delivery man. (Dipping is one of Addison’s favorite things.) These two are so cute, and of course, there’s some fun cameos from one of our favorite troublemakers…he thinks he’s being very careful. This has an extra 40k words added to the original story and I can’t wait to show you how their relationship continues to develop. If you like age play, a cinnamon roll Daddy, and a cutie who knows princesses […]

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  • A Grocery Store Moment as an Author by Shaw Montgomery/MA Innes at authorshawmontgomery.com
    A Grocery Store Moment as an Author

    What’s it like being an author? Interesting. What’s it like being an author with a ridiculously vivid imagination? It’s a completely different level of curious and here’s an example. One of the nicer grocery stores in our area has a TON of pasta sauces. There are all kinds of brands and flavors. Organic. Stupidly expensive. Cheap and runny. And some just seem weird. Like this one for example. Anyone ever tried this? Yellow tomato sauce. My daughter loves to try new things from the grocery store. It’s like shopping with a packrat or a racoon. You never know what they’ll come home with but they’re too cute to tell no. This time it was golden tomato sauce. So we’re in […]

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