Archer and Declan

Looking innocent and the picture of vanilla has allowed Archer to keep his personal life private from his nosy but well-meaning coworkers, but it’s also made finding Mr. Right almost impossible. When the outside is sweet and shy and the inside is full of curious needs, Archer doesn’t know how he’ll ever find the right man…because Mr. Tall, Dark, and Dominant just doesn’t show up out of the blue. Right?

When a dramatic breakup leaves Declan sleeping in his car, he vows to never to change himself for anyone ever again. But moving in with his new blushing roommate is testing his resolve. All he wants is to throw caution to the wind and explain in explicit detail about everything he’d love to do to the seemingly bashful man with the wandering eyes, but is that what Archer wants?

When a teasing flirt with a wicked grin meets a shy insurance salesman, sparks shouldn’t fly, but these two might just be a match made in heaven…just a very wicked one.

Author's Note:

This is a sweeter version of humiliation play. It is completely consensual and both main characters are enthusiastic about their desires. The heat level is higher than some of my other books, but it is very much a romance at heart.

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Archer and Declan Bonus Short by MA Innes - Gay Romance Book Cover

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