An Overly Cautious Daddy – My Little Human Now Available!

My Little Human is finally live.

This is the extended story for Dane and Wright. They started out as a novella in the Dirty Daddies Spring Anthology and they were so much fun I had to see what else they were getting up to.

Dane is the cutest little and is having a fun time trying to figure out how to manage his overly cautious Daddy, and Wright is trying to do his best to keep his adorable little safe in a dangerous world with butterknives and stairs.

I love getting to write about my aliens. They have the most interesting thoughts and they see submission and the world in general so differently. I hope you have fun reading more about their story or reading their story for the first time.

My Little Human has been extended by 30,000 words from the original novella, Tentacle Daddy.

And if you want a coloring page for these guys go check out Patreon.

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My Little Human by MA Innes - Gay Romance Book CoverBlurb:

Weirdest munch ever.

Dane isn’t expecting much from the mostly straight munch he’s somehow ended up at. As awkward encounters turn into a boring meet-and-greet, he’s ready to escape when the most interesting Daddy in the room sets eyes and tentacles on him.

When an earnest new Daddy and a slightly confused little come together, sparks and laughter fly because tentacle Daddies make the best Daddies.

Story Contains: Two men (one human and one alien), the best bathtub sea monster ever, a slightly overly cautious Daddy, and a little who’s starting to be concerned that Daddy will declare butter knives too dangerous for his sweet boy (aka mayo is slippery…oops).

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