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Are you ready to see what’s coming up? An Asexual Love has some unique cuties who’ve struggled to meet Mr. Right. Rohan’s a drama magnet, so some of it might actually be his fault for being attracted to crazy, but Dayton just made some of the Doms nervous and he’s only outgoing when someone makes him frustrated (like Conner).

So their dating lives have been…let’s call it suboptimal, but don’t worry, a friend has stepped in to help. Conner’s matchmaking strikes again.

His logic is sometimes questionable but there are definitely sparks when Rohan and Dayton meet…they just have to work through a few things first. Like the fact that Rohan is asexual and Dayton has a nerve condition that makes him very sensitive to pain.

This is BDSM with sounds, restraints, and some sensation play. Rohan sees finding ways to please Dayton as a bit of a challenge and he’s definitely up to meeting that challenge. He also feels bad that the cutie has struggled to find a Dom who won’t worry too much. On the other hand, Dayton thinks Rohan’s limits are perfect and he loves the Dom’s wonderful imagination (and fabulous cuddling).

Rohan is also friends with Melissa (Jackson’s sister from The Accidental Master series), so we’re going to get a peek at what those guys are up to as well. But if you haven’t read about the pups from The Accidental Master series (why not they’re so cute?) don’t worry.

An Atypical Love is a complete standalone even though there are some fun cameos and it is now available on pre-order with a release day of June 16th.

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An Atypical Love by Shaw Montgomery - Gay Romance Book CoverBlurb:

Rohan can’t quite decide if letting his friend Conner play matchmaker is the smartest thing he’s ever done or the stupidest. As an asexual Dom who’s never quite found Mr. Right, after a string of misses, even he’s starting to admit it might be time to let the crazy owner of Bound & Controlled steer the show.

Dayton knows he shouldn’t trust Conner when he has that look on his face, but when the wicked sub promises him Mr. Right, common sense goes right out the window. But with most Doms at the club
being too scared of hurting him to let him submit, he’s crossing his fingers and hoping that love and domination are finally in the air.

Sometimes finding Mr. Right is easy and sometimes he’s wrapped in an unconventional package…but love will always find a way.

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