Shaw Montgomery - MA Innes Portrait - USA Today Best-Selling Author of Gay Romance

As a USA Today Best-Selling Author of MM Romances, M.A. Innes and Shaw Montgomery are two sides to the same squirrely brain.

M.A Innes is the part of my imagination that leads to kinky and curious things like age play and puppy play.

Shaw Montgomery is the aspect that likes sweet BDSM but isn’t taboo in nature.

I write bdsm and kink because the people in my head have always been more interesting than average and they’re very curious creatures. My books are full of love, passion, and compelling characters.

With over 100 published titles under my belt, I’ve realized that there will always be new people in my head and that I should’ve started out writing making more notes about timelines and what characters looked like.

When I’m not writing I like to travel and read. Find out more about me and my books on the FAQ page.

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