A Whipped Cream Kind of Day

A Whipped Cream Kind of Day

Book 5 in the One of Those Days Series

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A Whipped Cream Kind of Day by MA Innes - Gay Romance Book Cover

Sometimes the only thing that will make a day better is whipped cream and sprinkles.

When Remy dodges a flying coffee cup from an insane lawyer and ends up quitting his job, he’s not sure what to do. The one thing he knows is that whipped cream makes everything better, and the strange barista who’s offered him a job can’t be worse than the lawyers…right?

Some days things just don’t go quite as expected…even when you’re a Dom who likes everything planned out.

Brooks had thought he’d done his due diligence before he’d gone to work with the new firm. He hadn’t, and now he not only has to figure what’s next, he has to figure out how to fix things with the sweetest and shyest admin he’s ever met…if he can figure out where his perfect cutie, and hopefully sub, has disappeared to.

When a shy boy meets a cautious Daddy, sometimes they need a push to find their happily ever after—but what else are friends for?

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