A Surprise and a Secret!

I’m working on something that’s fun and definitely a bit different. I’m not quite ready to tell you everything yet because it’s got a lot of moving parts behind the scenes but I thought I’d give you a peek at part of what’s coming up.

Meet Sinclair and Kent.

Sinclair - white man with brown hair in black suit, white shirt and tie.

Sinclair (or Sin as Kent calls him) is struggling with keeping his hands off his sexy and stubborn next-door neighbor. He’s tried to ignore what’s been growing between them and he’s tried keeping Kent at arm’s length but it’s not working any longer.

The sweet sub next door has wicked ideas and is tired of waiting for the Dom he’s been obsessing over for a very long time.

Kent- white male with short brown hair wearing a scoop neck dark red shirt

Kent feels like he’s waited a lifetime to finally have the Dom of his dream. But Sinclair is overthinking things as usual and Kent’s patience has run out…however, that doesn’t mean he knows what to do or how to fix the slightly obsessively worried Dom he wants to be able to call his.

Click here for the first chapter of their book and it’s definitely one long tease…but I’ll tell you that this is age gap with a younger sub and an older Dom. It’s going to have some fun naughty times, but first, meet my new guys and see if you can guess what they’re going to get up to.

I’m going to have a full announcement about these guys very soon.

2 thoughts on “A Surprise and a Secret!

    1. thank you lol I’m glad you like it but you’ll find out more about where to find it in just a few days

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