A Princess Little – Pre-Order an Expanded Daddy’s Little Sunshine Now!

Daddy's Little Sunshine by MA Innes - Blog post

Addison is coming back!

He’s the princess little from Daddy’s Little Sunshine, and his original book was a novella in the Dirty Daddies Pride Anthology last year. I’ve expanded the story by 40,000 words!

Addison’s a slightly theatrical princess who loves dresses and adventures with his toys and chicken nuggets from his favorite delivery man. (Dipping is one of Addison’s favorite things.)

These two are so cute, and I can’t wait to show you who pops up to be annoyingly helpful.

Daddy’s Little Sunshine will go live on Amazon on March 15th and will be here on my site for early access on March 10th.

Daddy's Little Sunshine by MA Innes - Gay Romance Book Cover

“But I’m a princess boy because being a prince would be very boring. They just wear suits and look bored until they find their princesses. I’d rather be the princess. They have more fun and they wear pretty clothes. Littles should always have sparkly clothes.” – Addison

Addison knows princess littles are the best kind of littles but sometimes people don’t always understand. He’s a tiny bit worried his wonderful delivery man won’t understand but not enough to keep him from asking out the amazing man who brings him cookie dough and pizza.

Anyone who brings treats and smiles so big has to be the perfect Daddy, right?

Tate knows there’s no one in the world like the sunshiny cutie with a sweet tooth and a passion for silly games, but he doesn’t realize just how special Addison is until the charming man asks him out on a date…and about his views on Daddies and princess littles.

Sometimes finding Mr. Right is a struggle, but sometimes fate delivers him along with the best cookies a little ever had.

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