A Milkshake Kind of Morning

Sometimes it’s just a milkshake kind of morning—especially when you get blown up at work.

Joshua is used to no one understanding his job as a YouTuber who plays games for a living. It’s not exactly conventional, but the littles he’s been getting to know lately seem to get why he loves his job. But he’s not so sure he wants to open up to the obviously a Daddy and patiently flirty Turner—because Joshua’s not a little, and now he can’t help wondering what he has to offer the attractive, confident Daddy.

Turner knows that somewhere inside Joshua is a sub ready to explore a world he’s never imagined. He just isn’t expecting Joshua to take the first step until an unexpected question about middles leads to a surprising first date. Now the door to something more between the two men is wide open, but Tuner knows it will take more than milkshakes and kisses to earn Joshua’s trust.

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