A Leap of Faith

Something’s coming between them, but Harper can’t even begin to guess what’s wrong with his relationship with Bailey.

Well, their almost relationship. When their only interactions are during scenes at the Bound & Controlled club, Harper can’t help but wonder if he even has the right to ask why Bailey is pulling away.

Bailey’s got a secret, and it’s eating away at him and his relationship with his Dom-with-benefits Harper. It doesn’t matter how he feels about Harper or what he envisions for their future, because Harper’s made one thing clear: he doesn’t like littles.

When assumptions and crossed wires erode a relationship, it’ll take a leap of faith to fix what’s broken.

Author's Note:

While the Tender Control world is under the Shaw side of my world, this sweet age play book is definitely an M.A. Innes story.

My books as Shaw Montgomery are the more traditional side of BDSM, and my books as M.A. Innes are filled with sweet age play and fun things like puppy play. Since A Leap of Faith straddled both sides, I decided to put it under both names.

A Leap of Faith was originally included in the Dirty Daddies Pride Anthology in 2021, and no material changes have been made to the story. While it can be read as a standalone, it is book 2.5 in the timeline and takes place at the same time as Bound to You.

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