A Helpful Kenzie and A Nosy Town – Secrets and Kisses Now Available!

Stefan and Boyd are finally here!

It feels like I’ve waited forever to be able to say that Secrets and Kisses is live. I’m terrible with being patient, and it’s been painful waiting for you to be able to see how cute these two are and how adorable the librarian is.

Stefan (our adorable librarian) is slightly confused about little stuff…Kenzie has been his main real-life example of what a little is…so he’s pretty sure he can’t be one.

Boyd isn’t sure what’s going to happen when he tells the librarian about dragons and all the curious stuff in town.

The townspeople aren’t sure what’s going to happen once the librarian is clued in and they’re fabulously nosy about all of it.

Oh, and don’t worry, Kenzie shows up to be wonderfully helpful too. (That sounds scary just typing it out lol)

I can’t wait for you to see what happens next in the most fabulous town in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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Magic. As a librarian, Stefan knows there’s magic in books and imagination, but it isn’t until he moves to the mountains of North Carolina that he realizes people can come with magic too…well, the locals at least seem to come with magic…and fascinating relationship dynamics he thought were just on TV and in books.

Dragons. Somehow, the council gave Boyd the job of telling the new librarian that dragons and mages are real. He’s not sure who he pissed off to be the one to scare the adorable librarian into leaving town, but he’s not happy about it. A man as sweet and shy as the town’s new librarian can’t have any idea about what the locals are hiding or what kind of thoughts Boyd has been having about him, can he?

When people aren’t as innocent or grumpy as they seem, a curious librarian and a slightly grumpy dragon will learn that love is even stronger when there’s a bit of magic involved.

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