A Grocery Store Moment as an Author

A Grocery Store Moment as an Author by Shaw Montgomery/MA Innes at authorshawmontgomery.com

What’s it like being an author? Interesting.

What’s it like being an author with a ridiculously vivid imagination? It’s a completely different level of curious and here’s an example.

One of the nicer grocery stores in our area has a TON of pasta sauces. There are all kinds of brands and flavors. Organic. Stupidly expensive. Cheap and runny. And some just seem weird. Like this one for example.

Jar of Pasta Sauce

Anyone ever tried this?

Yellow tomato sauce.

My daughter loves to try new things from the grocery store. It’s like shopping with a packrat or a racoon. You never know what they’ll come home with but they’re too cute to tell no. This time it was golden tomato sauce.

So we’re in the store and she’s been studying half the options to find something new and interesting and found this one. (You have no idea how long we were studying pasta sauce.)

I had questions (mostly WFT kind of questions) and she even took the time to look it up while we were in the store to see what people said about the flavor of golden tomatoes.

But man, you have no idea what my head was like at that moment.

Kevin thought it was fascinating.

Bryan was horrified and so was Cody. (He doesn’t like change and not even the promise of dipping it in chicken nuggets was going to tempt him into trying it.)

The rest of the littles wanted to poke at it curiously but they said they weren’t going to eat it unless copious amounts of desserts were up for grabs if they did.

The Daddies were rolling their eyes but Maddox was on the side of the what the fuck contingent.

So we bought the sauce. But eventually I’m going to have to talk everyone in my head into trying it so I can try it without feeling like I’m losing my mind.

But, dude, it’s yellow…someone save me from my daughter.

A Grocery Store Moment as an Author by Shaw Montgomery/MA Innes at authorshawmontgomery.com

8 thoughts on “A Grocery Store Moment as an Author

  1. now i am interested. i don’t really like tomato sauce to much because of the acidity and most premade pasta sauces are to sweet or spicy but i think i am going to check this out. i am like your daughter love trying new things at least once before saying nope. it’s how i was raised.

    1. Some of the reviews said it tasted like regular sauce but we thought it tasted different. It wasn’t bad (the color was throwing me and everyone else in my head off lol) It was interesting but just not the right flavor profile for us to really enjoy.

    1. That’s a great way to look at it lol I never saw it that way but I guess that’s part of the reason why I don’t mind being by myself.

  2. I love how your brain works! I’m betting Kevin sneaks this into one of his jealous daddy making dishes just to prove that he can convince the littles to eat anything. 😂

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