A Dino Nuggets Kind of Date

Sometimes the only thing that will make a date better is dino nuggets and superheroes.

After one spectacularly disastrous date, all Robyn wants is to ignore the way he’s drawn to the confusing man who leaves him with more questions than answers. However, it seems that fate has other plans when the enigmatic cutie keeps popping up in unexpected places, leaving Robyn with one pressing question…what’s Loki’s real name?

When a first date doesn’t go quite as planned, sometimes a do-over is the next best thing.

There’s more than one reason Hunter is known as Loki at the local coffee shop, and it’s not just because of his love for his favorite cinematic universe. With teasing in his blood and drama as his middle name, Hunter has just one question… is Robyn as uptight as he seems or has Hunter finally met the Daddy of his dreams?

When a teasing flirt meets a confused Daddy, it’s going to take more than just a frustrated barista to bring them together.

Author's Note:

A Dino Nuggets Kind of Date was originally included in the Dirty Daddies Pride Anthology for 2022. No material changes were made to the story.

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