Beautiful Shame: Christopher & Ethan

Beautiful Shame…I have to admit, those books are some of my favorites to write. I love the sexy dirty talk, blushing, and sweet moments that are in them. Something about the way the subs in that series open up about what they want makes me want to give each of them hugs and tell them they don’t have to be shy about who they are. I know it’s silly because they aren’t real, but all of my characters feel very real to me. Christopher, the sub in the newest Beautiful Shame book, is no different. I just want to hug him too.

Christopher and Ethan are college roommates who discover they’ve got more in common than they initially thought when Christopher’s desire for humiliation comes to light. When Ethan figures out what Christopher is really hiding behind his shy demeanor, he can’t resist getting to know the sexy cutie even more.  I can’t wait to see what you think. Check out the first chapter.

BS3 Cover

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