Spring was busy with plot bunnies and writing. One of the things I wanted to work on was a new age play book. I wasn’t sure how it should look until a conversation on Facebook gave me an idea…Unexpected came out of that quick conversation.

I love the way innocent comments can turn into books depending on how you see them. What one person says as a joke can get the creative sparks flying and suddenly there’s a story waiting to be written. When I started writing Ryland and Holden’s story, I could see their initial meeting clearly, but they quickly took it from there.

Ryland is funny and cute and burying his head in the sand when it comes to the kinky things that his friend Finn is drawn to. But when he meets Holden, things start to change. They were so much fun to write, and watching Ryland take his first steps toward the kinks he was curious about was so sweet. I can’t wait for you to meet my new guys.

Here’s a look at the first chapter…

unexpected ebook

4 thoughts on “Unexpected

    • I’m glad you like it…thank you…I don’t think those characters will get another book on their own but Finn will be getting a book this fall. He’s going to be fun to write.


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