Master By Choice

Jackson, Sawyer, and Cooper…My sweet boys will be back this Friday, and I can’t wait to show you what they’re up to. Their relationship gets deeper, and they start opening up to each other even more. Jackson even brings his boys to meet his parents. Of course, Cooper’s honest, hilarious reactions make that a moment none of them will forget.

As I write this, I just finished their third book Master By Fate. It was so hard finishing it. The longer I have with my characters, the more difficult it is to let them go. Writing the final page of the book, I was a mess. My sister called at that exact moment and asked me how my day was going, and I had to admit I was sitting there blubbering over the imaginary people in my head because they were so cute. Hopefully, you’ll find my boys as cute as I do, but until you get to see book three, book two will tide you over.

Amazon is having some technical difficulties with The Accidental Master books not showing up for some reason. Hopefully, they’ll get it straightened out soon, but the books are still active behind the scenes, it’s just a problem with the website.

Take a look at the first chapter of the book.



4 thoughts on “Master By Choice

  1. Its an amazing book and i cant thank the writer enough for wonderfull presentation of this particular alternative lifestyle. From personal experience i can honestly say that its one of the more accurate description of this particular subject and the book gives me hope that eventually more people will become more openminded and accepting towards people pthat have alternative needs in their own relationship. Being different is hard to accept but books like this one help spreading awareness that differences are not necessarily a bad thing
    Many thanks xxx


    • Thank you! I love hearing from readers who live the lifestyles I write about. I do my best to show how real people can show their love and have strong relationships in many different ways and in glad it comes through.


  2. I loved the boys and can’t wait to see what their “Fate” will hold. Both Accidental Master and Master by Choice were warm hearted, steamy, and hilarious reads.


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