When R. Phoenix came to me and asked me to write a character for her new book Alpha (the sequel to her dark erotica Puppy) I was excited—but nervous. My characters are generally sweet and sexy. I wasn’t sure how my style would work in her universe. For those of you who haven’t read her books, she writes dark paranormal when I’m not dragging her over to the sweeter taboo side.
She already had the idea for my character, Zain, but didn’t have a clear picture about who he should be, just the idea behind why he was important to the story. To me, it was easy to see who Zain was. He started chattering right away, sweet, but with interesting layers in him.
If you’ve read Puppy, then you’ll understand why the main characters, Caleb and Liam, needed someone to step in and make them more functional. Alpha was so much fun to write, even though it’s nothing like my usual sweet romances. If you don’t like darker themes or dubious consent, then skip this one. I understand this won’t be for everyone. However, Puppy was one of the first takes on puppy play that I’d read, and even though it’s a dark, unconventional take on it, I was fascinated. I think a lot of that came out in Zain. I can’t wait to see what you think.
If you’re waiting for sweeter puppy play, it’s less than a week for The Accidental Master. I really think you’re going to love Cooper, Sawyer, and Jackson.

Alpha Final Cover 04212018    The_Accidental_Master

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