Leashes & Lace

One of the new series that I have coming up soon is Leashes & Lace. It’s going to revolve around an online store that sells men’s lingerie and fetish wear. You’ll see different employees and customers in each book, but they’ll all revolve around the store in some way.

I can’t wait for you to meet my new guys and see how sexy and funny they are. So far it’s an interesting mix of fascinating and not quite traditional couples. From a sassy bottom who isn’t afraid to make waves, to a Dom who wears panties, they’re all unique, and I’m thoroughly enjoying writing about them.

To tide you over until the first book is released, here is a standalone short prequel to start the series. NO newsletter sign up is required to download the book. Have fun with Easton and Daniel.

easton ebook small


5 thoughts on “Leashes & Lace

    • Thank you! The series is so much fun to write. The first book is done but just needs the cover and some last minute edits, so I’m trying to figure out a release date…and I’ve started on the second book in the series so you’ll have more before you know it…I’m so glad you liked it though. Thanks


  1. I love each and everyone of your books so far. They are well written and you have the right amount of quirkiness to sooth my soul. I loved your prequel to your new series it was hot and very romantic and the sneak peek at the end was just as good. Thank you for sharing your talent and characters with us you are truly amazing! Jen


    • Thank you! I’m so glad you like my characters. I’m so excited to show you the new series. It’s coming along great and I’m just trying to plan release dates right now.


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