Silent Strength…Free

I just wanted to let those of you who don’t stalk me on Facebook that Silent Strength is free through 2/4. Check it out if you haven’t already had a chance to read Eric’s first book. And you’re always welcome to join me on Facebook in my readers group or just to follow me for sneak peeks of the projects I’m working on.



2 thoughts on “Silent Strength…Free

  1. Hi Shaw,I just want to say a special thank you for this freebie. Wow I’ve had these two books on my wishlist “forever”…LOLI’ve purchased (almost) all your age-play books, and the ones I’ve read, I have loooved!I was determined to wait till I could afford to buy these books together then suddenly this gift fell from the sky, into my lap! So now I have both and can’t wait for this story to unfold.Thank you so much!Sincerely,Jean.Sent from my Huawei Mobile


    • Thank you! I hope you enjoy the books. I understand about having to wait lol my TBR pile is growing by leaps and bounds lately. They’re such a cute couple. Have fun reading it.


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