My Perfect Fit

Only about ten days, and then you get to see what Bryan and Maddox have been up to. In the mean time, I thought I’d give you a taste…


“I honestly have no idea what to say. Your mind wasn’t focused on what it was supposed to be, that’s obvious. What were you thinking?” He could have gotten hurt. Not just killed the lawn mower, but himself as well.

Bryan looked down at the kitchen floor and mumbled something about being distracted and very sorry. He certainly looked remorseful, but there were other emotions mixed in.

“Do you even know what you ran over?” It had been like shrapnel going everywhere. Someone could have gotten seriously hurt.

He shrugged. “A lawn gnome, I think?” That seemed to be his best guess and it made sense. But how in the hell did he miss a lawn gnome? Maybe his mother was right, and he shouldn’t be given anything that might be in the realm of heavy machinery. That should probably include any kind of machinery really, considering he wasn’t allowed to use the toaster.

“You’ve mowed the lawn before, right?” Was this one of those things that he wasn’t allowed to do—like use the toaster?

“Yes!” He was getting frustrated, but there was something he wasn’t telling me. The way he wouldn’t meet my eyes and was fidgeting screamed out that he was feeling nervous.

And not regular nervous because he should have been pissed.

This was like naked-in-the-bedroom kind of nervous.


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