2 College Guys Against a Hurricane And Tsunami – When The Storm Comes is Now LIVE!

How would I write that?

Some of my favorite stories/series have started as random mental wandering after you guys have made comments on Facebook or from messages and emails you’ve sent me. My Beautiful Shame series (humiliation play) started after seeing a comment in a Facebook group where readers were talking about humiliation and wondering if it had to be dark. My curious imagination took that idea and just ran with it. Those books are some of my favorites because I love all the dirty talk and sexy blushes. That series has the dirtiest subs, but they all look so shy.

Another fun what if turned out to be My Cameron, my first tentacle book. After another fun conversation online, I had to see what my version of a tentacle book would look like. It took a while for me to take that first chapter and turn it into a full story, but it’s turned into a fun series. The next book for that world is coming out in May (Tentacle Tales Anthology), and it’s going to be about the porn couple that was mentioned in several of the books.

My disaster book (When the Storm Comes) is another one of those ideas that came from a what if. I love all those early nineties movies about disasters like asteroids hitting the Earth. But my favorite part of those movies was the relationships and the romances that sprang up.

I started writing When the Storm Comes after falling down a rabbit hole where watching Armageddon for the thousandth time led to some fun documentaries on what might happen in different disaster scenarios. Of course, with my imagination there had to be a romance in there somewhere (and a bit of kink lol). But it’s got the same wonderful feel of my college guys stories. If you love Kevin’s snark and teasing and Leon’s dry tone and confusion, you’re going to love Trey and Donovan.

I can’t wait to see what you think of When the Storm Comes, which is finally live, and the other fun surprises I have coming up this year…like more audiobooks, Bishop’s story, and lots more that are planned out and keep rolling around in my head.

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