Book 3 in the Unconditional Love series

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Untouched by MA Innes - Gay Romance Ebook Cover

Growing up in an unusual family has made adapting to college more difficult for Jay. Sheltered and socially awkward, the only easy part about higher education is the classes. While everyone around him seems to instinctively understand what they’re into and who they are, he’s lost and alone. That is, until his new roommate makes life a little more interesting.

Growing up in an unusual family has given Logan a completely different outlook on life. With parents that travel the world and an overly open-minded grandmother, Logan doesn’t believe in hiding who he is or what he wants out of a relationship. That is, until his new roommate turns out to have no boundaries and is a little too nosy.

When the two roommates find out they have more in common than they think, they learn that different doesn’t have to be bad, and falling in love is easy once the walls that keep them apart are stripped away.

Story Contains: M/m Sexual Content, BDSM elements, Spankings, Puppy Play

Author’s Note: Unconditional Love is a series of three standalone books that all follow the same timeline closely. While they can be read individually, the series reads best in order.

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