Two Alphas and One Omega?…Out December 6th!

My omegas are back.

I love characters who go against convention, and these omegas always do their own thing which makes them even more fun to write. (What can I say, I like it when they surprise me.)

Jonah was especially entertaining to write because Graham was very quiet at first. Getting him to open up wasn’t easy, but it turned out he just needed his alpha partner around to show who he really is. Russ is so outgoing and confident that when he popped up on the scene, everything about Graham’s hesitation made complete sense.

Jonah is an MMM romance where the two alphas have a relationship before Jonah meets them, but there is no cheating and both alphas are enthusiastic about finding the omega they want to share their life with. Graham’s a little shy about telling Jonah about his relationship with Russ, but Russ doesn’t mind taking the lead there and loves driving Graham a bit nuts. I hope you have as much fun reading their story as I did writing it.

Check out a preview of chapter 1 here.

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Jonah by Shaw Montgomery - Gay Romance Ebook Cover

Coming June 14th…Embracing Love!

My sweet guys are back in Embracing Love. When I first started writing Embracing Faith I had a feeling Ford, Cody, and Jameson wouldn’t stay content with just one book. I was right. As Jameson continued to drag his feet, I knew they would need a second book. Embracing Love is the continuation of their story.

I can’t wait to show you how they grow together, and the cameos in this book were fun but a little unexpected for me. With some of my guys being so shy and Cody being so…so very Cody, it shouldn’t have surprised me that things wouldn’t go quite as planned. I love all my guys so it just never occurred to me that Cody, Bryan, and Kevin wouldn’t immediately click. Luckily they have Finn, Beckett, and Dr. Sheppard to step in and help the guys relate to each other.

Here’s the first chapter if you’re curious.

Embracing Love by MA Innes - Gay Romance Threesome Ebook Cover
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Embracing Faith…Coming May 24th!

Ford, Cody, and Jameson…When I first started planning out Embracing Faith I knew a little bit about who they would be, but I don’t plot out my books in detail, so a lot of who they were was a mystery to me. Ford came to me right away. He’s confident and sure of himself and at a point in his life where he knows who he is…an asexual Daddy Dom who’s open to love but not really expecting it.

Cody and Jameson are different. Cody knows who and what he wants, but he’s inexperienced and young. Jameson is mature but hides a lot of who he is, even from himself. They both need someone in their life who can steer them through the obstacles in their relationship and can give them strength. They both need Ford. Cody needs a Daddy, and Jameson needs a friend and someone he can lean on.

Their story will be over two books and the second one will be out in mid-June, but it’s already written and with my editor. It might feel like a different take on age play than I normally write, but I actually think he’s one of the best Daddies I’ve written. I can’t wait to see what you think of all of them. Embracing Faith will release on May 24th. Check out the first chapter if you’re curious.

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Love Chapter 1

Chapter 1



“What do you think—” Ryan and I both started the sentence at the same time, chuckling as our words trailed off.

Ryan sighed and turned so his back was leaning against the arm of the couch. “Let me guess—What do you think about Dare’s idea?”

It was my turn to sigh. Leaning back against the couch, I ignored the television that was playing sports highlights and stared up at the ceiling. If I widened my legs a little bit more and let my arms stretch out closer to Ryan on the couch, I tried not to overthink it. “Yeah.”

Ryan didn’t seem surprised when my response stopped there. He just shifted so that one leg moved closer to my thigh and nodded. “Me too.”

If Dare could have seen us, he would’ve smiled. I was glad he thought our awkwardness was cute, but sometimes, I wasn’t sure how to move past it. Still, I tried. “He seemed excited.”

There was a silent acknowledgment that we both liked pleasing him, but Dare was very firm that we wouldn’t do anything unless we were all into it. Which put us in a holding pattern because Ryan and I weren’t sure what we wanted.

Talking about it had to be a good first step.

Ryan nodded. “Yeah, he made it sound…interesting.”

That had me chuckling, and he gave a shrug. “What? Do you have a better description?”

Deciding to be honest, I nodded. “Hot.”

Dare had originally mentioned the idea of going out to a bar that was a bit kinky in passing, but it’d been easy to see the idea turned him on. He knew of a place in one of the rough sections of town we’d never been to, but he said it was one of his favorite places to go.

It hadn’t taken much prodding to get him to explain why.

Evidently, they were a dirty group who didn’t mind extreme public displays of affection. When Dare had mentioned hearing one of the servers orgasm as his master had fucked him in the back room, Ryan and I had both shifted nervously in our seats.

Dare had just grinned, knowing how turned on the idea made us. He made it clear he wasn’t expecting us to go that far, but I had a pretty good idea that feeling us up in public and teasing us would be a huge turn-on for him.

When Dare had stretched himself out across our laps the first night we met him, it should have clued us in that he didn’t mind others watching. I couldn’t decide how it made me feel. I liked the idea of making Dare happy. I loved the idea that he’d wiggle all over me and grope me.

I just wasn’t sure about the public setting—well, not exactly public. But still…

“We should probably ask more details before we say yes.” Ryan’s leg inched closer to mine.

“But you want to say yes?” I was pretty sure we were on the same page, but I wanted to hear the words.

“Yeah…but…” Ryan shifted, slowly stretching his foot out across my lap and leaning into the back of the couch.

Yes, the idea was hot as hell, but I had a feeling it wouldn’t be like any date I’d ever been on. Not that it was a bad thing. I liked that things with Dare were different. I liked how my life had changed over the past couple of weeks since we’d met him.

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Love and the new year

I can’t believe how fast last year flew by. The fact that I’m getting ready to talk to you about the first book for 2019 is insane. I’ve got so many ideas and characters bouncing around in my head it’s hard to narrow down what I want to work on, but I think I’ve got a good plan for the first half of the year. I can’t wait to see what you think of the upcoming books, and I’m hoping the characters listen and are willing to make it easy on me.

I’ve got everything from more of my favorite characters that I haven’t written in a while to a new ménage series that I think is going to be age play. There’s even the possibility of an alpha/omega series. Of course those will have a bit of a twist, so I’m still mentally walking through the ideas. I’ll let you know when I have something concrete planned out.

The first book for 2019 is Love, The Weight of a Word, book two. My twink-ish Dom Dare and his sweet, muscular subs are finally starting to really grow in their relationship. They’re learning to communicate, and Scott and Ryan are beginning to open up to Dare and to each other. Love is now available, and I can’t wait to see what you think. Take a look at the first chapter if you’re curious.

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Love by Shaw Montgomery - Threesome Gay Romance Ebook Cover

Beautiful Shame

Beautiful Shame…For so long they were just “my grocery store boys.” I knew who they were, but figuring out a name was hard. It wasn’t until the book was almost finished that everything fell into place. Humiliation play can have such a negative connotation. I wanted a name that showed it didn’t have to be mean or frustrating to read.

Everyone likes different things, especially in reading, but in many humiliation play books, it doesn’t feel like both characters are actually into it. The “play” part is left out. One character is dragged into the experience and eventually gets turned on by it, but they never acknowledge it right away. In my head, I saw characters who were confused and hesitant but not hiding from themselves.

Nick came to me first, but Kyle had a very strong presence in my mind from the beginning. I can’t wait to show you my sweet guys. The book starts out hot and just keeps going like that. They didn’t want to hold anything back, and I gave up trying to keep them in line.

The book released this morning and I can’t wait to show you. If you didn’t get a chance to read the first chapter when I first wrote it, check it out.

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Beautiful Shame Nick and Kyle by MA Innes - Gay Romance Ebook Cover