Learning to Trust

Learning to Trust

The Education of the Heart Series Book 1

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Learning to Trust by M.A. Innes - Gay Romance Ebook Cover USA Today BestSelling Author

Leon’s always been on the outside looking in, and most of the time, he prefers it that way.

Leon’s never seen romance and attraction the same way everyone else has, and he doesn’t really mind that. When life is filled with everything from college classes to a best friend who’s a trouble magnet, who has time for romance anyway? At least that’s what he thinks until he meets his new roommate.

Morgan’s always been on the outside looking in, and college hasn’t helped the situation any.

When a difficult roommate situation goes from bad to worse, Morgan is happy to move into the privacy of an apartment. But when his toy-filled peace is interrupted by the stern but well-meaning Leon, he isn’t sure what to think. Just because Leon is sweet, take charge, and a has a thing for healthy eating doesn’t mean he’s a Daddy, does it?

Story contains: M/m romantic content with low heat, mild BDSM, age play (no ABDL), and a sweet couple who are better at dancing around the topics they might have in common than actually talking about them.

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