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Revisiting Cooper and his guys is always so much fun. I love getting a chance to go through their books or figure out ways that they might get to show up as side characters in other stories. The audiobook boxed set for The Accidental Master series has all three main books, the prequel which shows Sawyer and Cooper’s first Christmas together, and a short bonus story about their trip to Orlando.

If you haven’t had a chance to read the books yet or wanted the audiobooks as a set first, I can’t wait to see what you think. They’re some of my favorite characters and Kenneth did a great job of showing Cooper’s enthusiasm for everything and Sawyer’s quiet need for a Master. I hope you have fun with my cute pups and their loving Master.

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Family by Fate FREE until July 9th!

I got together this weekend with several other authors on Facebook to celebrate pet play books. So as part of that party, I decided (at the very last minute lol) to put Family by Fate free this weekend.

Family by Fate is the prequel to The Accidental Master series. It shows Cooper and Sawyer (my sweet pups) during their first Christmas together after they’re on their own. If you haven’t read that series yet, this is a sweet start to it. Have fun with my cute guys.

Family by Fate is free through Tuesday, July 9.

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Family by Fate by MA Innes - Gay Romance Ebook Cover

The Accidental Master Chapter 1

Chapter 1


“Melissa! What the hell did you put in that Facebook ad? I’m getting all kinds of crazy-ass responses!” Storming into the house, I slammed the door behind me. She was dead meat. She had to have pulled that shit on purpose.

What the hell had I done to her?

I headed for her bedroom, stomping up the stairs. Knowing my sister, she was probably buried up to her neck in books and papers. Normally, I wouldn’t let myself into her house—I actually had manners unlike some people I could name—but this time, she’d gone too far. She wasn’t going to be able to hide from me.


“What?” She was sitting on the bed surrounded by papers and notebooks, a half-eaten sandwich hanging off a plate. “What crawled up your ass and died?”

“What—” She wasn’t serious? “I’ll tell you what ‘crawled up my ass’—because it’s your fault. I want to know what you did to my business. That ad you set up? The one you said was a simple Facebook ad that would help my business? What did you put in it?”

I tried to take a deep breath and slow down, but I was too angry and too confused. “I’m getting all kinds of crazy people calling me, and the emails are even worse. I had one from a guy in some weird European country I’ve never heard of, who wanted to know if I did training packages and not just individual sessions. He said he couldn’t figure out from the site what kind of training I did with my pups. He wasn’t talking about dogs!”

“Huh?” She seemed lost. “What do you mean he wasn’t…”

Her voice trailed off, and she got a faraway look in her eyes before they widened, and her mouth opened. “Ohhh…

“Do you know how long it took me to figure out he wasn’t referring to beagles or boxers? Entirely too fuckin’ long!” Just the fact that it’d taken almost five minutes before I finally understood what he was talking about had been the most embarrassing thing. I was a to-each-his-own kind of guy, but it was getting ridiculous.

“Oh, Jackie, I’m—”

I broke in. “Don’t you ‘Oh, Jackie’ me. I’m not six years old following you around like a lost puppy—ha! Puppy! What did you do?”

“Jackson, I’m so sorry. It was an accident—” If I hadn’t known her so well, the innocent, crushed look would have worked.

“Like the accident where you dumped water on my pants at dinner? Or the accident where you put salt in my tea?”

“No, this was a real accident, and come on, I wouldn’t do something like that to you. You know me.”

Bullshit. “The salt incident was last month, and you dumped the water on me last week when you thought I was rude to the waiter.”

“You were rude.” She looked like she was still ready to take up the fight for the lazy waiter.

“That’s not the point. What did you do to my business?” My voice was getting louder, but I couldn’t control it. She’d talked me into trying some new marketing ideas, and now it looked like my business was falling down around me.

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