For Kenneth Obi, Narrator and Friend

I have to say last week was one of the hardest weeks in a very long time. On the 10th my friend, and the narrator who has done all my audiobooks to date, passed away suddenly.

I first met him when I was looking to get Secrets in the Dark put into audiobook. I’d had a terrible time finding any narrators who wanted to take a chance on the book. But Kenneth surprised me by not only being polite and happy when I contacted him but being willing to audition for it.

The part that still makes me smile was that he really hadn’t looked through the description of the book carefully enough, so he had no idea what he was getting into. He always laughed when he talked about that audition. He said he had to do the whole thing twice because the first time he read through the scene he said it sounded like a straight guy reading a gay story and was terrible.

Listening to my own books has always been very weird to me, but he made my characters come alive. He had fun exploring a world he was very unfamiliar with and his joy came through in every book he narrated. He always said Cooper was one of his favorite characters.

I won’t go into details about his personal life, but he always said that our books (in the mm community) gave him a better understanding of his son and helped him to understand him in ways he might not have without them.

Shaw and Kenneth

Here’s a shot of Kenneth and me together.
He had a huge heart and will be greatly missed.

To help celebrate his life and all the books he narrated for the mm book community, there are some great giveaways in the Facebook groups of the authors he narrated for. Come join us and celebrate. Start in my group, Shaw’s Playroom, and I’ve got links to the other authors who are participating.

shaw montgomery private facebook group

The Mechanics of Love Series Updates

Daddy kink…age play…and then a bit of everything.

I just wanted to give you a heads-up about what’s coming soon and give you some exciting news about book three in the new series. The Mechanics of Love has a little bit of everything, but all the subs are cute flirts which makes it so much fun to write.

The first book, The Only Way to Live, is out now and The Only Way to Love will be out next week on April 17th. Derek’s book (the first book in the series) is fun Daddy kink with an age gap and some smoking hot scenes as he introduces the sexy Sean to BDSM. Switches are so much fun to write.

Jules in the second book in the series is cute age play. Jules knows what he wants and he’s a very confident little. Frank, on the other hand, is very new to being a Daddy. He calls himself a mush, but he’s sweet and loves spoiling Jules. The dirty talk in this one was fabulously fun to write.

You guys are going to love book three. That’s when you’re going to finally get our sexy and understanding Detective Avery’s book. He didn’t talk to me much about his personal life for a long time, so it took a while to figure out he didn’t just need a sub…he needed a strong Dom too that could help him with the stress of his job. So Avery is getting the bouncy flirty Destin and Ray, who’s a mechanic that doesn’t believe in subtlety.

Avery’s book is going to be out in May, probably around the middle of the month, but I don’t have a firm date yet. Also in May will hopefully be the audiobooks for The Only Way to Live and The Only Way to Love. Audiobooks are running behind right now so we’re still waiting for Embracing Love to go live. Fingers crossed that will happen sometime in April.

Updates for Early 2020

I’ve got so many things planned for the next few months, I’m not sure where to start sharing everything with you. Since chronological order probably makes the most sense, I’ll start there (even though that’s not how my brain wants to tell you about things lol).

The next book coming out at the beginning of March is from the Leashes & Lace series. Wesley is one of the models who takes photos from home. He’s got things under control now, but in the past, he suffered from agoraphobia and depression. Wesley tried becoming one of the regular models in the traditional photoshoots, but unfortunately, his first attempt was during the insanity with Eli and Roman. He couldn’t handle their drama, so he decided to stay focused on the at-home photos he loves taking. Well, Preston feels terrible about everything and convinces Wesley to let Tyler do a private shoot to dip his toe back in the water…but things don’t go quite as planned. They’re really cute together and I can’t wait to see what you think.

After Wesley, we’re jumping over to the college world again toward the end of March or the very beginning of April. If you’ve read the third Beautiful Shame book, you met Ethan’s father, Sean, who owns the garage that comes up in several books. He’s a sexy older guy who starts realizing a few things when a previous employee, Derek, begins looking at him in a new light and starts outrageously flirting with him. Derek owns an adult novelty store and is a loveable handful. This book has a bit of Daddy kink, but it’s just for fun and to drive Sean nuts. It’s an age gap story with light BDSM and a mature man figuring out he’s not as straight as he thinks he is.

After Derek’s book (which may or may not have a name yet lol—I’m still working on that), we’re going to alternate between the series with Sean that’s based around the garage (they’re all standalones) and more from my feisty and sexy omegas. There’s a lot coming up and the spring is going to be filled with fun subs—like Jules, who is the cutest little—sweet Doms, and scenes that made me cry writing them in Starbucks.

I can’t wait to show you.

Let me know what you’re most looking forward to and in the meantime, join my private facebook group for sneak peaks of all my upcoming books!

ShiMMer February 22nd!

Where in the world is Shaw Montgomery?

Well, right now I’m hiding from my children because they have the day off from school, but in just a few weeks (February 22nd) I’m going to be in Birmingham, UK at ShiMMer! For those of you in the UK and other parts of Europe, ShiMMer will be packed with MM authors.

ShiMMer 2020 Author Event

My preorder will be closing in just a few days, so if there were books you wanted to get, now is the time to order them.

Preorder books here.

I can’t wait to see everyone and please come up and say hi—because the rule at these events is that we don’t let Shaw stand around looking like a lost soccer mom or confused insurance salesman.

It’s going to be a great time, so I hope those of you who are in the UK can come.

Here’s the link for more information if you want to check out ShiMMer.

International Fetish Day Sales

January has flown by for me so far. There’s a lot going on, but first I thought I would tell you about some sales that are going on right now. To start with, Friday, January 18 was International Fetish Day, and in honor of that, I put The Accidental Master, His Missing Pieces, and the first Beautiful Shame book on sale for $0.99, so if you haven’t gotten those yet, now is the time. The sale will go through Monday, and it’s for the US and UK Amazon stores.

Also, now that I have the Loving books (the Too Close series) up for sale on my site, I have the first book currently free. Too Close to Love is a slow burn incest romance. Kevin and Jeremy are brothers who’ve been close since Kevin was almost abducted as a young teen. Over time, the emotion that comes from that event changes how they see one another.

It was a book I originally wrote because the characters were so vivid, I had to see where their story would lead. If you haven’t read it yet, I hope you enjoy it. If you already love the guys, I promise there is more of their story to come.

Too Close to Love by MA Innes - Gay Romance Taboo Ebook Cover