Bound To You

Bound To You

Book 2 in the Tender Control Series

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Bound To You by Shaw Montgomery - Gay Romance Ebook Cover

Sometimes you just have to go after what you want…even if that’s to submit.

Asa has always known he wanted a Master to serve and love…but finding someone he can trust has turned out to be his biggest stumbling block. Why no one has patience any longer is his biggest question…right up until he sees a man across the room at the Bound & Controlled club. Suddenly, all he needs to know in life is the identity of the familiar man with the compelling stare.

When a blast from the past shows up in the most unexpected place, Stuart knows he has some decisions to make. Asa has always seen things just a little bit differently, and Stuart can’t imagine letting him navigate the club or the lifestyle alone. But is he really the right man for the sweet boy with the troubled past?

Sometimes it takes two slightly broken souls to form one perfect love.

Story Contains: M/m romantic content, BDSM elements, and two slightly stubborn men with control issues that make them a perfect match.

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